Woodworking Projects for Kids | 10 Woodworking Projects for Kids

Woodworking Projects for Kids - LaddershelfWoodworking projects for kids are fun, rewarding and practical for kids. Here are 10 easy woodworking projects for kids that they will love to do, will save you money, are very useful and can be done with minimal skill.

1) Stool Handy for multiple purposes. If you just can’t find or buy footstools to fit your needs, then keep in mind,footstools are easy to make and very sturdy. Find the plans here

2) Bench A sturdy built bench can support 3 adults and last for years. Uncomplicated to make, Screws, and precut wood are all you need. Find the plans here

3) Birdhouse Nothing like a mini-home or 2 for your little flying neighbors to spice up a yard. Bat houses are great too and can be mounted right on your chimney or high part of your house. Find the plans here

Woodworking Projects for Kids – Easiest Project

4) Wood Storage Bin Tired of scraps of plywood and trim and odd cut 2x4s cluttering up your work area. A storage bin on caster wheels is just the solution. Probably the easiest project on this page. Find the plans hereHiking Stick

5) Hiking/Walking Stick   A good Hiking/Walking stick can last for years and become a personalized memento of all the adventures you and it shared. Don’t forget the lions, tigers and bears that   you might encounter as well. Find the plans here

Woodworking Projects for Kids – Old-Fashioned Pipe

6) Tobacco Pipe Chances are your granddad or someone you know smokes a pipe. What’s better than having a homemade one? Find the plans here

7) Picnic Table There are easily a 100 ways to make a picnic table. Plans abound on the web. Build it upside down, then flip it over. You’ll end up laying the top boards down first, snug them together and attach the 2 end pieces, then the legs, then the cross members, then the bench. I keep several tables all around the yard. With help from your dad, a girl can build one too. Find the plans here

Square Yo-YoWoodworking Projects for Kids – Yo-Yo’s

8) Children’s Toy A yo-yo or a hobby horse is a fun project that harkens back to a simpler time before Facebook and the Internet. Find the plans here

9) Ladder Shelf Great for plants and decorations. This unique shelving concept is easy with no complicated cuts or joints. Find the plans here

10) Adirondack Chair One of the most comfortable chairs to ever come out of the Adirondacks. Find the plans here

Woodworking projects for kids are a swell way to introduce children to the hands on fun and confidence building that a completed woodworking project can bring.

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