Who We Are

Just a couple of rustic pugs hanging around

Rusticpugs.com was taken at the time so we picked up this domain to honor our 2 DIY pug type dogs. Part pug, part diy’er’s as in….you don’t get me a chew bone now, I’ll get my own…from the yard or maybe from somewhere in the neighborhood!

Well, that DIY attitude inspired my wife (at the time) and I to write some diy stuff several years back and now we have close to 800 original articles on rusticpugs….errr… I mean rusticgirls.com.

Bob Cheney

I’m Bob and I live in Attleboro MA with my daughter, my pugs, a bearded dragon and a parakeet!i take care of this blog now. So read on…

Aileen Thomas

I’m Aileen. I write occasionally here on Rusticgirls.com.

Look for my articles and reviews.

Hope you enjoy. 😉

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