Washing Machine Won’t Fill | Washer Not Filling Up

Washing Machine Won't FillWashing Machine Won’t Fill

When no water appears to be getting into your washing machine and your left looking at a pile of clothes with detergent on them, try these few tips:

1) Verify power is getting to the machine. Check for a tripped circuit breaker.

2) Verify water is getting to the machine- First, turn off the water then disconnect the inlet hoses on the back of the washer. Turn water on slowly and verify that is coming out of the hose. If water is coming out then check for any obstruction or sediment in the inlet valves. Clean, if necessary. If there is no water flow, disconnect the hose and look for obstructions or simply replace it.

3) If water is getting as far as the inlet hose connections, then remove the back access panel. Check the inlet hoses to make sure they are not kinked or damaged in any way.

4) If water is getting as far as the inlet hoses, then the problem probably lies in the water valve or water valve solenoid. Time to call in a pro.
washing machine won’t fill, washer will not fill


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