Washing Machine Motor Hums

Washer Machine HumsWashing Machine Motor Hums

If your washing motor hums, but otherwise refuses to spin, there are a few things to check before replacement of the motor becomes necessary.

1) With the power off to the washer, remove the main access panel, then pull the drive belt that’s attached to the motor and see if it moves freely and is not bound up. If the belt refuses to turn, then suspect a burnt motor that will need replacement.

2) Check the connections to the motor. Make sure they are tightly secured. Loose connections can cause a reduction in power to the motor, allowing enough for it to hum, but not enough to turn the motor.

Washer Motor Hums Only?
ReplacingĀ is a fairly simple process:

1) Disconnect the wires, remove the mounting bolts, then remove the motor. Bench test it, if you wish to confirm failure.

2) Order a replacement that matches the original, especially in regards to its mounting arrangement. Compare the old one to the new one. Is the mounting bolt(s) in the same place?

3) Mount the motor and reattach the wires. When attaching the drive belt, give it a 1/2 -3/4 inch deflection at the midpoint.

Your tub should spin now, eager for another day’s work.

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