Washing Machine Lint – Lint on Clothes

Washing Machine LintWashing Machine Lint

Lint is small fibers from clothing that have come loose from natural wear or laundering. They can build up in washers and wreak havoc on your clothing. The dryer will remove the washing machine lint. But with clothing, like dress shirts that are air-dried, this can be a real problem; often requiring multiple washings to remove the lint.

Older washers came standard with removable lint traps that could be cleaned. Some would filter the water as it recycled through the washer, while others would require the removal of the center tub support for cleaning.

Washing Machine Lint – Newer Washers

Newer washers have a self cleaning system that uses a filter to trap the washing machine lint and the spin cycle to flush it away. It saves the inconvenience of having to manually clean the filter.

If you have washing machine lint problem, here are a few tips to try:

1) Low water pressure can impede the flushing action of the washer during the spin cycle. Look for pressure variations during filling of both hot and cold water. A kinked or blocked hose can cause this. Check for sediment in the hose as well.

2) Verify that the all of the water is being pumped out of tub and that no restriction in the drain hose exists.

3) Don’t wash high lint producing items like socks and towels with your dress shirts.

4) Use a name brand detergent. They have higher quality cleaners and soften the water better, which helps release the bond between lint and clothing, allowing it be flushed away.

5) Don’t overload the washer. Your washer needs water and room to remove the lint.

6) Run a wash cycle with a cup of regular white vinegar added. This will help rid your washer of any accumulated lint.

A washer doesn’t produce enough lint to have any effect on a septic system, so a separate washer filter is not necessary.

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