Washer Won’t Agitate | Why Washer Won’t Agitate?

Washer Won't Agitate? - Try these tipsWasher Won’t Agitate?

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when, upon checking the status of your clothes, you find your washer filled with nice, soapy water along with a full load of dirty clothes and that’s it. Nothing else is happening- the washer is not spinning, moving or agitating.

Before you make the phone call for help, try these tips:

1) Verify a circuit breaker isn’t tripped

2) Make sure the lid is closed completely.

3) If there is too much laundry in the tub, it can trip the motor circuit. Remove some clothes, wait 15 minutes, then restart the machine.

4) Washer went off balance and tripped the switch. Redistribute the clothes and close the lid.
Washer won’t agitate still?

5) Advance the timer control dial slowly 360 degrees-

  • If the washer starts spinning, then we know the motor and drive belt are fine but that there is something wrong with either the timer control dial or the agitator solenoid. Call in a professional for this.
  • If the washer doesn’t budge, then verify that the drive belt(s) is attached and not broken by removing the back panel. If the belt is broken, replace it. If it is loose, then tighten it by loosening up the bolt holding the motor and moving it on its swingarm (much like a car alternator) until there is a 1/2 to 3/4 inch deflection in the belt. Some washers use reversing motors. It’s possible the motor works on the spin cycle but not on the wash cycle. If so, call a pro.

6) Visually inspect the lid safety switch- Is it loose or cracked? If so, the washer might work intermittently, stopping at different cycles.

7) Check motor and drive belt- Remove the main access panel (usually in the back). Is the motor spinning, but the drive belt isn’t? If so, then you have a drive belt problem. Go here. If the motor isn’t spinning, then go here for washer motor troubleshooting.

If none of these tips resolve the washing machine motor hums problem, then there’s probably a more serious problem with either the motor, the transmission or the agitator itself. If this is is the case, call in a pro.

Washer won’t agitate? Washer won’t agitate- there is help.

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