Chemicals to Unclog a Toilet | The Best Chemical to Unclog a Toilet

Best Chemical to Unclog a Toilet is Liquid LightningChemicals to Unclog a Toilet

Of all the available chemicals to unclog a toilet; unplug a potty; deplug a toilet; flush out a commode; depoop a poop holder or just  loosen up clog,  the absolute best in the world is Liquid Ligtning which is sold Walmart for around 10 bucks. For some reason, this stuff is only available at Walmart. I have a toilet in my house that I thought was just poorly designed because it would  clog up with just 2- 3 bunches of toilet paper about half the time, so we learned to flush often!

We kept the plunger next to the toilet as a standard tool we’d use a few times a week for years. Even the best hot water toilet unclog method,  tons of Drano and even a Walmart toilet auger failed, so I resigned myself to the fact that someday I would have to buy a new toilet.

Well, I read somewhere about  Liquid Ligtning being touted as one of the best chemicals to unclog a toilet. I went to Walmart and purchased a bottle of this. Whoa.comes stored in a sandwich bag…this could be some serious stuff. The only ingredient is water and sulfuric acid…nasty indeed!

My toilet wasn’t actually clogged at the time, but I dumped half the bottle in and waited 15 minutes like it said and then flushed. Wow, for the first time ever our toilet actually did the little swirly thing right at the end and actually did that second final little flush. …I’m sold.

I have no idea what was clinging on for life inside my toilet bowl but it was gone now. Didn’t harm anything in the bowl. I suspect, longer than 15 minutes and it might start eating the porcelain and not stop until it reaches Beijing!

I, wholeheartedly endorse  Liquid Ligtning as not one of the best chemicals to unclog a toilet but, the best in the world currently available besides, maybe some type of gamma ray gun!

If this doesn’t do it, then call in a pro. He’ll have the tools to plow thru anything.

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