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Discus Fish Secrets- Top 5 Tips on Discus Fish

Discus Fish

What Secrets are These 2 Discus Hiding?

5. 50% Water Change Weekly
Discus have weak immune systems which makes raising them, at times, quite trying. Discus need cleaner water than many common fish can handle, so you generally need to do more water changes than a normal tank for discus to thrive. There are breeders that change 50% of the water daily! 50% weekly will suffice.

4. Discus Need Lots of Oxygen
Keep an outside filter and an inside sponge filter for extra aeration.The underwater gravel filter alone will not be enough.

3. Keep Nitrate Reading below 10
Not the 20-30 that most freshwater fish are fine with. Again, Discus are very sensitive to nitrate readings so keep them low. Read more…

My Dog Has Diabetes ~ Some Observations

My 6 yr old (at the time) 36 lb pug mix (Zoey) was diagnosed with diabetes in Aug 2011. I thought it was a bladder infection and delayed going to the vet for 2 weeks thinking I could cure it myself. Luckily she didn’t get cataracts as that is the major and most expensive problem to worry about post-diagnosis. $2000 an eye is what it costs…yikes!

I brought her home. gave her initial shot of 4 units of humulin and checked her blood sugar. I test on the lip and luckily Zoey is ok with it. Her blood sugar was over 400. So, I gave her a couple more. Basically, I upped it til her got her under 150 which now requires 10 units.

Here are some observations I have made concerning this frustrating malfunction of the pancreas. Keep in mind I only have 1 dog with diabetes so I am not an expert at all; I’m just past beginner status, that’s it. Read more…

Cat Behaviors Explained | What Do These Behaviors Mean?

Cat Behaviors Explained

Yes, believe it or not, cats can be trained. This conditioning might not take the same form or steps as with a dog, but kitty can be taught some basic manners and behaviors. Or, as is more likely, they can be untrained from performing certain destructive activities. Read more…

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Fancy Feast Coupons | Find Fancy Feast Coupons Here!

Fancy Feast CouponsFancy Feast Coupons

Fancy Feast is a good quality cat food and most important of all, it’s a wet food. Cats don’t have strong thirst drives like dogs do as they obtain most of the water they need from the animals they catch and eat, assuming they still catch and eat wild prey. Dry cat food is similsr to crackers with vitamins added. Fancy Feast and other wet cat foods offer more animal protein as well which will help your cat thrive. These wet cat foods can be pricey, though so coupons do ease the cost rather significantly.

Fancy Feast Coupons

So where does a Fancy Feast connoisseur go to find Fancy Feast coupons? There are the standard ways like the Sunday newspaper, magazines like Good Housekeeping, and coupon packs like Val-Pak. Not so standard places to look for Fancy Feast coupons would be online. The cats who make Fancy Feast have set up their own Facebook page and to encourage its popularity, they often offer coupons to fans who like their page. Facebook is a good way to stay up to date on anything to do with Fancy Feast whether it be new flavors, new specials and new coupons, of course. Read more…

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