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Net Making | Making Cast Nets & Hammocks

how to throw a cast netNet Making

I found very little information on net making. I picked up a pamphlet once that gave step by step instructions on how to make a casting net. Page 8, is when they say that you will tie approximately 11,500 knots. I started a few times to tie a casting net, but never made it to the end.

Here I would like to give information on how to tie a net that could be hung on a wall, or made into a casting net if so desired. The net is like what is on fishing vessels, once you get the idea of how to tie the knot, net making is a piece of cake. Mending a net is then nothing more than child’s play. Read more…

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How to Make a Haversack

How to Make a Haversack - Classic HaversackHow to Make a Haversack

Haversacks were used by soldiers in Civil War times for carrying their daily supplies. They acted as messkits and also as large “purses” for the soldier. A haversack was usually worn over the shoulder by a long strap and had a large flap over the top with a buckle to keep it fastened. Usually it had been waterproofed in some fashion. A soldier could carry about three days worth of rations in one. The original haversacks from Civil War times are now collectable items and can be quite valuable.

How to Make a Haversack – Using Pants

You can make your own haversack easily and cheaply for use on hiking, hunting, or camping trips. The simplest way is to get a pair of extra-large men’s pants from a used clothing store – the really baggy kind so much in style today would be perfect. Make sure the pants are made of denim or some other type of heavy material. To gauge just how large your haversack should be, the original ones were typically about 13 inches wide and 11 inches deep. Because we are going to need a flap for the top, we will cut ours a little longer. Read more…

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