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Sciatic Nerve Pain and Cures

Sciatica is a range of symptoms that cause pain in the area of your body through which the sciatic nerve courses. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. It originates at the base of the spinal column from five different spinal nerves. This is why you instantly feel the pain when the sciatic nerve is compressed or injured. Read more…

Do Sciatic Nerve Exercises Really Help?

Are Sciatic Nerve Exercises Necessary?

Sciatica is a broadly used term for any pain, weakness or numbness in the legs caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve exercises can ease this pain somewhat.

There are 2 main causes of sciatica: a slipped disk and a pelvic injury or fracture. A slipped disk that causes sciatica can be diagnosed by laying down flat on your back while someone raises your straightened legs halfway up. If you feel any pain in your lower back, then you have a slipped or herniated disc. Read more…

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