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Bearded Dragon Facts – 10 Beardie Facts You Should Know!

Bearded Dragon Facts - Beardie at the BeachBearded dragons make great pets and that’s 1 of many bearded dragon facts you’ll find here. They are docile, not demanding or high-strung and they like human company. I have compiled a list of 10 common questions & answers mixed with bearded dragon facts from my experience and from talking with other owners and a vet as well.

Top 10 Bearded Dragon Facts

1) Are bearded dragons from the deep jungles? Nope, they are from “Down Under” or Australia to be exact. There, they live in a climate similar to Arizona’s- hot & dry with lots of rocks to climb on. That’s why they always need a heat lamp in one corner of their cage so as to properly emulate the beating down of the sun, which they love.

2) Why do bearded dragons sit with their mouths open? They are basking, like a dog panting. The sun (heat lamp) is warming them up nicely. If they get to hot, they’ll move. So, to see them with their mouths open, means it’s nice and toasty for them. No basking means you can’t they are properly warming up. Read more…

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