Sciatic Nerve Pain and Cures

Sciatica is a range of symptoms that cause pain in the area of your body through which the sciatic nerve courses. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. It originates at the base of the spinal column from five different spinal nerves. This is why you instantly feel the pain when the sciatic nerve is compressed or injured.

Causes of Sciatica
Some people also refer to sciatic nerve pain as pinched sciatic nerve. One thing that is noticed in most sciatic nerve pain cases is that most patients lead a sedentary lifestyle. They work at their desk for long hours, travel home in their car and lounge on the couch watching television. This is a reflection of the life I am sure most of us in the city live. We barely find time for exercise and are so engrossed in our job we don’t get off our chair and stretch at regular intervals.

A herniated disc caused due to injury from physical exertion is also a cause of sciatic nerve pain. A herniated disc pushes against the sciatic nerve thus compressing it. If this is left untreated it can cause permanent damage. Sciatica is also noticed in pregnant women during the late stages of pregnancy.

You must be careful not to pick up heavy objects and avoid pushing your body over its limits with sports activities. The discs that form the spinal column are cushioned against each other however they are free to move to the sides. When you exert pressure at an odd angle it can lead to misalignment of the discs which causes them to push against the sciatic nerve and cause pain.

Piriformis syndrome can also cause sciatic nerve pain. This occurs when the spinal column narrows naturally. When this happens there is very little space inside the spinal column for the sciatic nerve to exit. This in turn causes the compression of the sciatic nerve which we know causes the unbearable pain.

Cure for Sciatic Nerve Pain
Sciatic nerve exercises are your best option to cure the sciatic nerve. Some doctors might recommend a corrective surgery which might be a good short term solution if the patient finds the pain unbearable. However there is no guarantee that the pain would not return in the future.

Sciatic nerve exercises are not too intensive as some might fear that it could cause more damage than good. It begins at a slow pace and eases you in to the routine. You begin by simple stretching exercises and stop when it hurts.

These exercises require very little time each day and the results have been proven. Many patients have overcome sciatic nerve pain with the help of these exercises. You would not need any special equipment or a gym membership. You can do these exercises within the comfort of your home. So if you think you suffers from any of the symptoms mentioned above, do not waste any more time. Sciatic nerve exercises will help you heal.

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