Safe Teeth Whitening

Safe Teeth Whitening

A winsome smile of clean white teeth can be a person’s greatest asset, especially in our modern culture with its emphasis on interpersonal skills and “attractiveness”. But teeth whitening is not necessarily simply the result of using the best whitening toothpaste you can find. It is important to be aware of the factors which cause tooth staining, and to understand how to use safe teeth whitening techniques without using methods that can actually damage tooth enamel.

The discoloration of teeth arises from different sources. Brushing daily, with or without toothpaste, removes the regular buildup of plaque which, if allowed to accumulate, gives the teeth a yellow appearance. Another hard but porous substance called tartar can build up on the inside surfaces of the teeth and is easily stained. This usually needs to be removed by a dentist. Food, drink and nicotine stains are the next most common causes of discoloring, since regular smoking and the drinking of tea, coffee, and even red wine can allow the tooth enamel to take on yellow or brown streaky stains.

A third main source of discoloration can be the result of internal problems, where the dentine inside the tooth is affected, and not the surface enamel. Examples of this are nerve damage, which can give the tooth a grey color; ill health, which can sometimes cause patches of discoloration; or medications and antibiotics which can again negatively impact the tooth’s mineral structure and produce unnatural colors. The process of aging itself often reveals a weakness or thinning of the enamel layer, which may have been due to disrupted development of the tooth material in babyhood or childhood.
Once the particular cause of staining or discoloring is known, appropriate steps can be taken to brighten or restore the natural color. Dazzling white teeth can be achieved through various means, but it is important not to just purchase the most aggressively advertised whitening toothpaste since many of these rely on a formulation of abrasives which will gradually erode the remaining enamel. Obviously, these toothpastes will do nothing to address a discoloration that is caused by an internal condition. The possible options of teeth whitening include the two broad approaches of home treatments, and professional dental treatments:

Home Treatments- These include using the better brands of whitening toothpastes. The best safe teeth whitening toothpaste will be one that has the mildest of abrasives and depend more on the regular application of chemical agents such as sodium tripolyphosphate to break down surface stains. Other home treatments include various types of fast acting bleaching kits which contain an overnight tray and bleaching gels, or bleaching strips that are applied to the teeth before bed, bleaching pens and other over-the-counter products.

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Professional Treatments- These will obviously be more expensive, but are usually a lot more effective, especially when the problem is beyond simple surface staining. Dental bleaching is a branch of cosmetic dentistry where a professional dentist, in addition to performing a comprehensive cleaning of all tooth surfaces, applies a bleaching solution or gel to chemically whiten the teeth. The bleach may only keep the teeth whiter for a short time if the staining is caused by lifestyle habits that continue to affect tooth color. Modern technology in whitening now includes laser “bleaching” treatments, where the dentist uses a source of specific focused light waves to whiten the enamel. If all the usual methods of recoloring the natural tooth prove ineffective, cosmetic dentistry can bond a layer of artificial enamel, called a veneer, to the affected teeth to mask discoloration.

The accessibility of such a wide variety of preparations to correct dental coloring means that no one need suffer the self-conscious embarrassment of stained teeth. With a solution to fit every budget, how to whiten teeth becomes a matter of choosing from several simple options. Once the choice is made, any person will have good reason to pursue life with the renewed confidence that white teeth and an engaging smile will bring them.

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