Pug Cross Breeds | 4 Popular Pug Cross Breeds – Mixes

Pug Cross Breeds - Pug/Schnauzer MixPug Cross Breeds

Back in the day,  there were purebred dogs and there were mutts. There was no in-between. Nowadays, like everything else, things in the dog world aren’t so cut and dry. There are dogs now that are purposefully crossbred with each to form new ‘designer dogs’. Plenty of these hybrids exist; Ever hear of a Labradoodle, a Yorkipoo or how about a Schnoodle?

Of course as popular as pugs are, they are a natural to cross with another dog breed. Pug cross breeds include Puggles (Pug/Beagle), Buggs (Pug/Boston Terrier), Chuggs (Pug/Chihuahua), Pug-Zus (Pug/Shih-Tzu) and Shnugs (Pug/Schnauzer).

All pug cross breeds will result in an elongated snout, which greatly alleviates the breathing and overheating problems inherent with pugs.

Of all the designer pugs, the Bugg tends to be the most energetic as the boundless energy of the Boston Terrier transfers quite readily to this hybrid.

Irregardless of which pug mix you choose, keep in mind that a crossbred dog is generally considered to be hardier than a purebred dog so that’s a big win-win!!


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