Preventing Bed Bugs ~ Top 5 Tips on Bedbug Prevention

Preventing Bed Bugs

Bedbug bites. Yuck! Remember, prevention is best as they are hardy little bugs that are resistant to many chemicals

Bed bugs are on the rise throughout many areas of the world today.Rather than trying to eradicate bed bugs after the fact and instead focusing your efforts on prevention is is the best way to make sure they never gain a foothold in your home.

Small and notoriously hard to kill, these insects can infest quickly and often remain undetected until too late. The best defense is to avoid them altogether.

There are 5 simple ways to help keep bed bugs from infesting your home especially if there are bed bug outbreaks in your area.

1) Hotel rooms are common sources of infestation
Since bed bugs can be carried into the home on luggage or clothing after traveling, these items should be isolated immediately upon entering the home. Place all clothing into a washer immediately and wash on the hottest temperature possible. Dry clothing on high heat for at least 20 minutes to ensure the process is complete. If possible, seal the luggage in plastic for several months. If the luggage must be used again, apply the heat from a blow dryer at its lowest setting to the seams, creases and corners to kill any possible bugs. The heat from a blow dryer, applied for at least 30 seconds, can kill bed bugs or drive them from their hiding spots for easier removal.

2) Treat used mattresses, couches, box springs
It’s obviously best to avoid purchasing used items such as mattresses, box springs or fabric covered seating but if you do so then be sure to vacuum and wash these items thoroughly, using a blow dryer to heat furniture creases and joints for 30 seconds prior to their placement. Mattress covers are also an important bed bug prevention tool.

Proper storage and cleaning of items prior to using them will ensure bed bugs inside the home are prevented from multiplying..

3) Seal cracks and repair torn wallpaper
Thoroughly wash baseboards throughout the home and seal cracks between each board and along the areas where the boards meet the flooring. This will help prevent existing bugs from entering the home and will deter any new infestations. Avoid using shelf liners in drawers and cabinets as these can attract bed bugs.

4) Treat used books and paper goods
Place them inside a plastic bag and heat them with a hair dryer for 30 seconds or so.

5) Clean, clean, clean
Be consistent in all cleaning habits. Bed bugs are at home in cluttered or unkempt areas of the home. Preventing bed bugs should begin by consistently proper and thorough daily cleaning. Vacuuming mattresses, bed frames, furniture, cabinets and baseboards is the first step in keeping this parasite from infesting your home.

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