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PowerHead FilterPowerhead Filter

The power head filter is an aquarium product that can effectively replace an air pump or air stone. Power heads are recommended for relatively larger tanks and under-gravel usage. The need for the powerhead filter equipment is most noticeable in an aquarium with turtle and amphibian environment.

Advantages of a Powerhead Filter

The aquarium power head instrument, which is an under gravel filter, performs filtration as well as water circulation in the color fish tank. It also aerates the home aquarium, thereby accomplishes the need of oxygenating the water. The Powerhead filter camouflages itself well below the gravel bed and it is almost invisible. If you think that air pumps and air stones are noisy and clogging, the best alternate may be the power heads.

How the Powerhead Filter Works

In order to regulate the air flow, a custom valve is inbuilt into the power head. To eliminate the noise and the dust, an air filter is also incorporated. In case of turtle and amphibians, the debris will be more in comparison with smaller tanks. Your power head comes with a strainer to fulfill this need of debris cleaning. This strainer will obviously increase the efficiency of the power head by protecting the impeller in the air pump. In some brands and models, a sponge pre-filter, complete with water flow diffuser is also attached.

The chances of replacement or service are minimal in case of power heads, comparing to other methods.

Other advantages of a Powerhead Filter are:

· Constant and consistent water flow

· Fully adjustable water aeration throughout the tank

· Amplified water surface shakeup

· Silent performance even during long hours

· Can handle hefty waste loads of bigger tanks and turtle habitats

· Can deliver powerful and constant flow of water at the rate of 150 to 175 Gallons per hour.

· Can be used to fashion beautiful water fall effects.

· Ensures reverse flow of water

Safety Aspect of a Powerhead Filter

When you choose a branded and reputed aquarium power head product you can rest assured that it is completely safe both in fresh and salt water. Make sure that they are compact and tested for its worry free performance. Look for safety engineering U/L listing and ask whether CSA is available for the product.

Additional Features like Epoxy sealed moisture proof motor and electrical components accompany most of the aquarium power head models. Unique system mounting features are also available. Mounting options are often enhanced by suction cups and mounting brackets by most of the companies.

Conclusion in a Nutshell

Kids love their pets. We love our kids. One of the many ways to get closer with our kids is to care for their pets. Home aquarium is an exceptional hobby and colorful pastime for every member in the family. Nowadays, the product scope is wide and large to enrich the ambience of color fish aquarium tank. One of them is the Power heads that ensure the flow of water and homogeneous oxygenation of the entire volume of water. Utilize the valuable points in this article while selecting a powerhead filter for your aquarium.
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