My Dog Has Diabetes ~ Some Observations

My 6 yr old (at the time) 36 lb pug mix (Zoey) was diagnosed with diabetes in Aug 2011. I thought it was a bladder infection and delayed going to the vet for 2 weeks thinking I could cure it myself. Luckily she didn’t get cataracts as that is the major and most expensive problem to worry about post-diagnosis. $2000 an eye is what it costs…yikes!

I brought her home. gave her initial shot of 4 units of humulin and checked her blood sugar. I test on the lip and luckily Zoey is ok with it. Her blood sugar was over 400. So, I gave her a couple more. Basically, I upped it til her got her under 150 which now requires 10 units.

Here are some observations I have made concerning this frustrating malfunction of the pancreas. Keep in mind I only have 1 dog with diabetes so I am not an expert at all; I’m just past beginner status, that’s it. Read more…

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Husqvarna 455 Review ~ Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Husqvarna 445 Review

Husqvarna 455 Review

One of the first things you notice when checking out this saw is the fact that the cutting tooth is almost a 1/4 inch above the depth gauge. That means one thing and one thing only. This saw is designed and powered to rip chunks of wood off of logs not saw dust.

The size of the engine is 56cc’s which is equivalent to 3.5 HP. My old lawnmower was 3.5 HP before I upgraded. That’s quite a bit of power running through this chain saw.

Click here to see what others are saying…

This saw comes with a 20″ standard, though it does accomodate bars from 14″ to 24″. Read more…

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Why is My Poop Green?

You, me, everyone at one time has gazed down at their work, after a session on the porcelain god of relief and noticed their poop had taken on a strange hue. Not the normal brown we had grown quite accustomed to seeing but rather a dark green color…what gives? Why is my poop green? Could it be the spinach casserole I had for dinner or maybe the half a box of Crunch Berries I had for breakfast/lunch? Oh, most definitely this will cause it. Read more…

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A List of Good & Bad Health Supplements

Truth is, lifestyle changes are the key to healthy weight loss. Without them, you won’t get anywhere. But the six diet-pill ingredients listed here just might help, according to experts at Georgetown University, the University of Mississippi and the University of California, Los Angeles. Want to try one? Check labels to see whether they contain these ingredients, avoid “proprietary blends” that don’t reveal their contents, and discuss your weight-loss game plan with your doctor.

Use Coupon Code HAX011 for $5 0ff Order at Read more…

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EGCG Supplement – Green Tea Extract

EGCG Supplement

What it is: It’s green tea’s main antioxidant — the same stuff that may protect against cancer and heart disease — and is available in green tea supplements. The effective dosage seems to be 90-plus milligrams per day. Or just drink four cups of green tea. Vitamins with EGCG typically don’t contain enough of the antioxidant to be useful.

Read our list of 7 Benefits of Green Tea
Why try it: EGCG appears to work synergistically with the caffeine in green tea to boost metabolism. And a few small studies suggest it’ll help you burn about 4 percent more calories (about 80) a day and specifically burn fat. Read more…

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Best Cordless Lawn Mower | Cordless Lawn Mowers are Looking Good Wow!!

Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Best Cordless Lawn Mower

I spent a lot of time comparing all the various cordless power mowers available here on Amazon and from Home Depot and Lowe’s and from what I have determined is that the Worx WG782 is hands down the best cordless lawn mower of 2012!

I live in a small house with a medium size lawn completely located in the backyard. I have a picture of it on the left… not really..he he! I would need a riding lawn tractor like this one to get that lawn field done anytime soon!

Click here to see what others are saying…

No, my lawn is much more modest and I don’t need a tractor and didn’t really want a noisy gas one, so I looked into the cordless lawn mowers as I heard they have gotten quite a bit better than the underpowered & undercharged mowers of the past. Heck if flashlights have gotten a turbo boost from LED bulbs then maybe these newer cordless lawn mowers should be given a chance too.

If you’re not looking for a cordless mower, then check out our previous article on the best gas powered lawn mower under $300 with a great self-prolled one reviewed there as well.

About the Worx WG782

Well, received it my mower 3 weeks ago, having paid $260 for it. Took me about a half hour to take it

Our Tiny Backyard

Our Tiny Backyard – Only A few passes with the lawnmower and we're done..:)

out of the box, put it together and fortunately the battery was half charged so I got to use right off. Wow, I’m not used to a lawn mower being this quiet. One thing I did notice is that you don’t want to use this on a big lawn as you’ll be walking a whole lot. It’s only a 14 inch wide cut compared to other mowers that offer 21, 22 and 23 inch cuts. Again big lawn=wider cut which Worx does carry.

Nut, this is perfect for my lawn. I like the exercise, the fact there’s no gas or oil to mess with, no pull start, and this little beast cuts through some of my longer grass with no problem.

I’d call it the BEST CORDLESS LAWN MOWER hands down!!! 


Here is some more info about the Worx WG782 straight from Amazon:

The Worx WG782 cordless IntelliCut mower takes the chore out of mowing. The WG782 is completely cord-free, relying on a removable, rechargeable 24-volt battery and a simple, intuitive ignition system to keep your lawn in tiptop shape. Just charge up the battery and flip on the start switch to get mowing. It’s as easy as starting a blender.

Mulching Blade


The special mulching blade efficiently chops up clippings (view larger).

Bag System


The mower’s removable bag captures grass for disposal or composting (view larger).

IntelliCut Technology

The WG782 is equipped with patented IntelliCut technology, which ensures that power is there when you need it. No more bogging down in tough conditions when mowing tall grass or mulching leaves. Simply set the dial to Power when cutting through the tough stuff, and switch the dial to Quiet when mowing in normal conditions. Now you can mow the lawn at almost any time of day without irritating the neighbors or disturbing your children’s naps, yet still have access to a powerful chopping mower when facing high or thicker grasses.

Lawn area


The WG782 mows up to 10,000 square feet per charge (view larger).

Operation and Performance

The cordless 14-inch IntelliCut mower is designed for smaller yards, with a battery that runs for up to 40 minutes or 10,000 square feet per charge in quiet mode. Despite the compact size, the mower is big on features, with three-in-one grass handling that mulches, discharges grass to the side, or bags grass, depending on your needs. Thanks to the versatile discharge options, you can easily mulch the grass to encourage a healthier lawn or bag the grass for composting or disposal. And once the motor is running, the mower’s compact, lightweight design pushes smoothly and swiftly across the lawn, even in tight corners or through heavily landscaped yards.

The Worx Advantage

The WG782 offers a number of advantages over traditional lawnmowers. Unlike gas mowers, you won’t have to hassle with pull starts, worry about mixtures, or trudge to the gas station to refill the gas can. Plus, the mower is quieter than gas mowers and emissions-free, so you can mow the lawn at almost any time of day without irritating the neighbors or disturbing your children’s naps. In contrast to traditional electric mowers, users won’t have to uncoil and step over an extension cord while mowing the front lawn. And the WG782 is far more efficient and easier to use than push mowers, which often require several passes to mow a tough patch of grass.

Ready, Set, Mow

Mowing the lawn is no longer a chore with the WG782. In addition to the instant-on switch, the mower sports an easy-to-read power level indicator that tells you when the battery needs charging, along with a convenient detachable handle system for quick battery removal. The handlebar also collapses in seconds, so you can store the mower in tight spaces. To help you deal with seasonal grasses, the mower offers quick, one-handed height adjustments, letting you mow tall or short depending on the situation. Also the IntelliCut feature helps you power through the tougher grasses. And the mulching blade is designed to chop up your clippings smaller than standard mower blades.

With the Worx WG782, it’s easier, quieter, and cleaner than ever to mow the lawn. It’s also equipped with an adjustable-height, foam-padded comfort handle, the WG782 mower weighs 32 pounds and carries a two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

What’s in the Box

WG782 cordless lawn mower, removable 24-volt battery, charger, mulch insert, grass bag, user’s manual.

Click here to see what others are saying…

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Visit My New Ocean Site

Hey ya’ll. I always loved the ocean, so I decided to start a site on it.

Check it out:

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Growing Tobacco | Growing Tobacco at Home is Easy

Growing tobacco is LEGAL LEGAL LEGAL!!!!! Growing tobacco to sell means permits, taxes and stuff like that. Grow all you want for yourself just like you can grow all the tomatos you want, no difference! Growing tobacco for yourself is a perfect way to rid yourself of the thieving, extortionary taxes that states like NY and RI place on cigarette smokers.

baby tobacco plantsTobacco plants can be quite beautiful. Even if you don’t approve of smoking tobacco or using it in any form, you can still grow a tobacco plant for ornamental purposes in your garden. Since most varieties of tobacco plants have large attractive flowers and nice green foliage, you will probably receive quite a few comments on it from neighbors and people passing by. My grandfather kept a garden for many years and during that time he grew only one tobacco plant which easily received the most compliments out of everything in his garden. Read more…

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How to Make a Wooden Pipe – Classic Wood Pipe Making

How to Make a Pipe Like this Classic Wooden PipeHow to Make a Wooden Pipe – History of the Pipe

Pipe smoking goes back to ancient times, but the first documented evidence for it was during the Dark Ages when the Irish people invented the “dudeen,” which is a short clay pipe. Smoking a pipe has the lowest risk of health problems out of all forms of tobacco products (although we do not encourage anyone to start smoking). Perhaps you would like to make your own old-fashioned tobacco pipe. This pipe making article explains how to make a wooden pipe.

How to Make a Wooden Pipe – Let’s Get Started

First, you will need a seasoned limb from a cherry tree, the diameter of which should be the size of your pipe bowl. Cherry is the best type of wood to use for a pipe, but hard maple or plum will also work. Make sure that whatever type of wood you choose has been seasoned for at least two or three months. Read more…

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Best AA Flashlight | The Cheapest as Well!!

Best AA Flashlight

Best AA Flashlight

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (like me), then you know that led is the way of the future (as in now) in TVs, light bulbs and flashlights. Basically, anything that emits light nowadays is turning to LED as it’s primary source. LED TVs are incredible as are flashlights that use these newfangled bulbs.


Click here to see what others are saying…


LED bulbs are significantly more durable, more powerful and more efficient on a watt per watt basis than the old-fashioned incandescent and even the mini halogen types that are in Mag-lites. So, once you realize that LEDs are superior in every way to incandescent and halogen-based flashlights, you’ll want one for yourself.

LED Flashlights are Simply the Best!

So, if you want a compact AA powered flashlight that is cheap, very convenient and perfect for around the house uses, then I would get the Dorcy 41-2510 model flashlight that costs around $7. That’s right for $7, you can own waterproof flashlight that throws twice as much light,  whose battery power is 3x as long as a comparable Mag-lite. No offense to Mag-lites as I really like them but I can’t ignore technological advances like this.

Maglite has their own LED light but they are a bit more expensive than a comparable Dorcy.

Here is a list of the bestselling flashlights on Amazon

The Dorcy we’re talking about here is usually in the top 5 for a reason. I keep 1 in my house and 1 in my car. Too cheap not to.

Here is a nice video that shows how great these little lights are and why this is the best AA flashlight period:

Here are the Product Specs of the Dorcy 41-2510:

  • 4 Super Bright 5MM LEDs Providing 32 Lumens of Light Output
  • Convenient Carabineer Tail Cap Clip
  • Durable Plastic & Rubber Construction & Waterproof / Floating Design
  • 20 Hour Run Time
  • Includes 3 AA Cell Batteries
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Best Lawn Edger Reviews | Best of 2012


best lawn edgerBest Lawn Edger Reviews

Lawn edgers – has there been a more maligned tool in the homeowner’s arsenal? Ridiculed for being overkill, they have been replaced by weed whackers for a lot of people. Don’t write off lawn edgers just yet. they serve a definite, work better than weed whackers for edging and are selling as fast as ever. Apparently many homeowners haven’t received the memo on lawn edgers being a relic of the past.

Click here to see what others are saying…

I personally, don’t need an edger as I have backyard that doubles as my driveway and my front strip of grass bordering the sidewalk is taken care of well enough by my lawn mower. So, I am writing my review based on reports from Consumer Reports (need a subscription to view), and from various gardening forums.

The consensus seems to be that the best lawn edger, by far, is the Black & Decker LE750 Edge Hog!

95% of the reviews that I have read are positive and many state that the  best lawn edger they’ve ever used. One reviewer even stated that they were questioning the ability of this lawn edger to cut through their difficult florida floratam did with no problem.


This edger is considered sturdier than most other edgers that folks were using prior to their new purchase. The cord is plenty long enough for even a 3/4 acre lot.

It’s only $79 with free shipping from

Having once owned a gas edger myself, I can attest to the lightness of these electric lawn edgers.

Best Lawn Edger

Make sure you only use any lawn edger when the grass is bone dry, otherwise you’ll have clumping problems.

Here are some of the strengths of this lawn edger:

1. Plenty of power
2. Easy to control
3. Effective at making a clean, straight cut

Great for Invisible Fencing

Here’s a quote from someone on Amazon who used it to dig an invisible fence trench:

After some futility in using a manual edger to dig the trench for a invisible fence, I bought one of these. It was really great! I think they should just include it in the box with the fencing materials. I found it to be manageable. It cut a nice 1 1/2 inch groove that was easy to stuff the cable into. I even took it through the woods and found it could chop through roots up to about 3/4 inch and medium sized rocks. I’m not a fanatic about edging, but I’m sure it will work for that task very well. If you are installing an invisible fence, just buy one of these things. I laid ~1000 feet of cable in about 4 hours. If I hadn’t bought this product, I’d still have this project to look forward to next weekend.

Overall, this seems like an excellent edger at a great price.

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Best Vacuum of 2012 – Surprise Surprise!!

Hoover LINXBest Vacuum of 2012

Who’d have thought that the best vacuum cleaner of 2012 would be a skinny, cordless vacuum that’s less than $150? Well, that’s the conclusion I’ve reached after researching approximately 75 vacuums from all over the web.

There’s Dysons, Eurekas, Hoovers, Dirt Devils, Bissells and Sharks patrolling these waters. But, who came out on top for overall value, performance and ease of use…the Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum. Any vacuum with the word “stick” in the title doesn’t inspire confidence in me but read on and I’ll explain why it gives even the mighty Dysons with their $$$$ pricetags a run for the money:

Click here to see what others are saying…

First off, I am a stay at home dad with a veritable zoo at home. There’s a couple of pugs, a lizard, a bird, 2 litter tossing cats and soon another Conure, soon possibly. So, vacuuming on a daily basis is a must.

Best Vacuum of 2012 – a Cordless..Really?

I hadn’t really thought much of cordless vacs as I figured they were under powered, under-charged gimmicks. Well, apparently this was true with the old nickel-cadmium charged vacs like the old Eureka Boss ‘cordless’. It’s not true with these 100 times better lithium-ion batteries. I have a cordless drill with these lithium-ion batteries and the thing goes and goes and goes between charges, so I’m sold but a cordless wasn’t make or break for me. I simply wanted the best vacuum under $300. Turns out it ended up being an upright and cordless.

Canister Vac more your style? Then check out Aileen’s recommendation on best canister vacuum.

I didn’t really bother going to any stores to test out models. I use the Internet for all my major Best Vacuum 2012 - Thumps up on this one!!


research and purchases now. I used to shop at Best Buy but they’re too dang pushy nowadays.

So, I went to sites like consumerreports.or, Amazon, Popular Mechanics before settling on the Hoover Linx Cordless as the best vacuum of 2012 (heck, any year) that I could find plus it’s only a $140 (1/3 of the price of Dysons). I bought it from Amazon. i like their free shipping and return policy, just in case.

So, let’s get to the nitty-gritty:

Look Ma…No Cords!!

Whoa!!! Talk about being an easy vacuum to use. I can just grab it from the charger and quickly vacuum up some litter my cats scattered without to having worry about cords and finding plugs.Yea, I miss bending down and maneuvering like a contortionist under the coffee table trying to find that !@#$ outlet to plug into! Definitely increases the relevancy of using the vacuum a lot more when the inconvenience factor is low. I tested the battery life; Ican go about 4 days or maybe 6 uses between charges if I had too for some reason. Sometimes I do it just to cycle the battery.

I actually enjoy vacuuming now; where before it was a bit of a planned chore. now it’s an impulse action like wiping the counter or something. The time saved vacuuming when one doesn’t have to plug and unplug a cord 2,3,4,5 times cannot be understated. The carpet is cleaner now because i vacuum more often than before.

Best Vacuum of 2012 – How about cat & dog hair? What about heavy cat litter on bare floors?

I swear my pugs shed half the hair every day. I can scratch their backs for 30 minutes straight and the same amount of hair will fall off the entire time. I bet if I scratched them for 3 hours, they would be hairless.:-o. 

Basically, this vacuum best be able to honk through pet hair and cat litter like an old Cadillac goes thru gas. Well, it does as well removing pet hair from my floor as it does on the carpets and rugs. Hair tends to glop against the edges of the wall where it meets the carpet, but this little monster has a nice edge cleaner, so that’s no problem.

Wait… No attachments…What about upholstery?
Yea, there’s no attachments at all on this vac. My previous vacuum looked like a an alien spaceship with attachments and hoses popping out everywhere, Hoover is on the right track by keeping it simple. I did my keep my other vacuum to clean the couch and reclining chair. But I tend to brush them clean anyway. If you really need an upright vacuum with attachments, then this a great one and it’s UNDER A $100 BUCKS, the one shown on the left is a great choice:Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70120






Now Here are the Specs for the Hoover LINX from Hoover:

  • First Stick Vacuum with Hoover’s Patented WindTunnel Technology
  • Features 18 Volt, interchangeable Lithium Ion batteries
  • Hoover’s LiNX Lithium Ion batteries maintain fade-free power throughout the entire running cycle and are Energy Star approved
  • Fuel Gauge registers remaining battery life
  • One Touch Brushroll on/off makes for an easy transition from hard floors to carpets
  • Edge Cleaning Bristles allow for closer access to walls and corners
  • Low Profile Base allows for easy access under furniture
  • Includes charger and 18 Volt battery that can be used with the Hoover LiNX Platinum Collection Hand Vacuum
  • Because the battery is removable, the Platinum Collection Stick Vacuum easily stores away while the battery is charged.
  • Best In Class 6 Year Warranty on Stick vacuum; 2 Year Warranty on battery and charger

Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum Product Features :Hoover LINX

  • The first ever stick vacuum with Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology and the convenience of cordless operation
  • One-touch brush-roll activation makes for an easy transition from hard floors to carpets
  • Cyclonic filtration helps prevent clogging of the filter and maintain suction power
  • Powered by LiNX 18V interchangeable lithium-ion battery that provides sustained cleaning power without the slow fade to power and suction
  • Fuel gauge registers remaining battery life
  • Yes
  • Hoover Cordless Stick Vac
  • Available in Silver
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Features Low-Battery Indicator
  • 11″ Cleaning Path Width
  • Easy to Empty Dirt-Dust Cup
  • Energy Star Approved
  • Long Handle
  • Battery-Powered
  • Perfect for Cleaning Multiple Surfaces
  • Made of Plastic
  • 6-yr. Warranty
  • 11x9x43.5 “

Other thoughts on the Hoover LINX-

I hope hoover sells plenty of these so we see more competition available. For my nest one, I would like to see a 24 volt model along with an upholstery brush. I still use my other vac infrequently and that’s just for the hose. What a pain dragging that thing around, though! 6 year warranty is nice too.

And NO , I don’t work for Hoover or know anyone that does. MY VOTE FOR BEST VACUUM OF 2012!

Click here to see what others are saying…

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