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Methods of Demagnetisation

Demagnetisation is the opposite of magnetisation. Demagnetisation is the process of removing magnetism from a magnet. The following 2 methods can demagnetise magnets:

  • Heating of Magnet
  • Hammering of Magnet
  • Using Alternating Current 

Both the above methods of heating and hammering of magnet cause the atoms of the magnet to vibrate vigorously and disarrange the alignments.

Demagnetising by Heating the Magnet

Heating the magnet with naked flame will demagnetise the magnet quickly due to the increased vibrations of the magnetic particles in the magnet and thus causes them to lose their alignment. and thus demagnetised.

Demagnetising by Hammering the Magnet

Like heating, hammering causes the magnetic particles in the magnet to lose alignment thus its magnetism.

Demagnetising using Alternating Current

This is by the far the most effective way of demagnetisation. Place the magnet in a solenoid connected to and alternating current source and remove the magnet slowly will demagnetise the piece magnet. 

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