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Loud DishwasherLoud Dishwasher

If your dishwasher seems to be louder than normal, there are several things to check:

1) Check the motor for vibration. This is usually the cause of a loud dishwasher. Wiggle the sprayer arm and feel for excessive play. If so, tighten the mounting bolts.

2) When the bearings in a motor start to wear, they can become quite loud when the motor is running. Sometimes the seal separating the motor from the water can wear out, allowing water to flush the grease on the bearings away. Replace motor.

3) When an inlet valve is wearing out there is too much play in it, causing it to vibrate excessively when water is flowing thru. You would hear a knocking sound.

4) Check for any loose debris stuck in the pump.

5) If the noise is occuring during the drying cycle, consider the heater fan (motor) to be the culprit. Resort to air drying until repairs are made.

6) Improperly installed dishwashers can cause noise problems. It might need to be leveled, or rubber mounting pads might need to be installed on the bottom of the dishwasher.

7) The sprayers could be rubbing against the strainer or tub. Readjust them.
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