Hydrox Cookies. Where Are Hydrox Cookies?

Hydrox Cookies- The Best!!!mmmmm…mmmmmm…. Hydrox Cookies. Who doesn’t remember these cookies. It’s The original chocolate sandwich cookie that predates the Oreo by 4 years (1908 vs. 1912 for Oreo), but forever suffered the misconception of being a cheap knock off of the supposed original “Oreo” cookie.

For 90 years we enjoyed Hydrox cookies, then the brand was sold, renamed Droxies, sold again, then finally discontinued in 2003…booooo!!

Hydrox Cookies – Similarities

Kellogg’s, the current owner of the Hydrox brand, does sell a surprisingly similar cookie under their Famous Amos Brand:

Famous Amos Chocolate Cookies

I think it tastes darn near 90% the same, but, dang it, I want the whole 100%. Apparently I wasn’t the only one as there were many petitions, sent emails, telephone calls to Kellogg’s in support of their return…..It worked!!!

So, in 2008, unofficially designated the “Year of the Hydrox” (should’ve been officialby now :() and for a limited time (hopefully longer) Kellogg’s celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Hydrox cookie with a re-release of the original.

Hydrox Cookies – Actionable Intelligence is Limited

So, I hope you snapped  them up while you could, because now they’re gone and the status of them remains clouded in a veil of secrecy so impermeable, so impenetrable that even the CIA can’t get any info.

I am hoping to secure a mole inside Kelloggs that can funnel me any kind of info pertaining to Hydrox cookies.

Here is the official site for Hydrox Cookies (At least it WAS, now it simply redirects to Kelloggs home page…aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!)

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