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Growing Watsonias

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Growing Watsonias      


Botanical name: Watsonia spp
Family: Iridaceae
Origin: South Africa
Type: Corm
Planting season: Late summer to autumn
Flowering season: Late spring to summer
Hardiness: 10F/-12C

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Charm of Watsonias

With sword-like foliage and straight stem, these plants grow very tall. On the other hand, the flowers are small, however the color is clear and beautiful.

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Choosing Bulbs

As well as other bulbs, choose comparatively large and heavy bulbs. Shorter species could be proper for containers.

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Planting Bulbs

Commonly, the best planting season is between the rate summer to the early autumn, however it is recommended to plant them in spring in the cold region.
They get foliage right away after being planted, however this foliage is not hardy for the coldness.
Because they grow big, plant the bulbs comparatively deep and keep the several inches of intervals.

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Full sun is preferred.

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During the growing period, wait until the surface of the soil is dry, and then water thoroughly. Remove the water in the saucer.
Stop watering if the flowers have faded.

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After the Flower

In the comparatively warm region, you can leave the bulbs undisturbed in the soil, and start watering again in the next autumn.
Dig the bulbs out if flowering declines, and divide them into pieces manually, and replant them. However, they do not like to be dug out too often.
The hardiness of the bulbs is 10F/-12C, and it might be difficult to keep them if it gets colder in winter.

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