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Growing Habranthus

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Growing Habranthus      


Botanical name: Habranthus spp
Family name: Amaryllidaceae
Origin: Mid/South America
Other common name: Rain lily
Type: Bulbs
Planting Season: Spring
Flowering Season: Summer
Hardiness: 20F/-7C

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Charm of Habranthuses

They may surprise you, because they suddenly get the stem, and bloom in a few days.
Though the life of each flower is short, you may be able to enjoy flowers several times per each bulb.

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Choosing Bulbs

According to some gardening books, it is mentioned that one bulb has only one flower. However, you can enjoy flowers several times in one season if you choose comparatively large bulbs.

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Planting Bulbs

The proper season is spring. Wait until it is warm, because the bulbs are not very hardy for the cold weather in winter.
These bulbs like to be crowded. So, plant them close each other.

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Full or partial sun.

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During the growth season between spring and early summer, wait until the surface of the soil is dry and water thoroughly, as usual.
Habranthus is called rain lily also, because in the Mid/South America as their origin, they have flowers after the rainfall during the summer rainy season. So, try to make the similar environment.
As hot it gets in summer, water them more frequently to keep the soil moist. Then, stems may suddenly grow and bloom right away.
However. these flowers fade in just a few days. So, stop watering at once and let the soil dry out.
Then, start watering again to encourage the second flowering cycle.
Repeat this process until they do not have flowers anymore.

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After the Flower

Stop watering when they stop having flowers. Leave the bulbs in the soil until next spring. and water again.
You can keep it in the soil for a few years, however they may have less flowers when the bulbs have separated into small pieces. In this case, dig the bulbs out and divide them by hand. Replant them right away after dividing.

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