How to Put up Rain Gutters

How to Put up Rain Gutters

Adding gutters to your home can be an important way to save your house from water damage and flooding. Gutters, also known as eaves troughs, can keep water out of the basement and prevent the home’s foundation from getting moldy. A professional may best install some gutters, such as long seamless or decorative gutters, however, smaller sectional ones can be attached by anyone. Here, we explain¬†how to put up rain gutters.

How to Put up Rain Gutters Moderately Difficult

Installing gutters may not be the easiest home improvement task, but they are pretty important. The first step in doing it on your own is to determine where you want the water flow to be channeled. The obvious way for the water to run would be away from the home, so find where the best locations for this objective would be. Measure where you want the gutters to be placed, and since gutters can often come in lengths of 10 feet or more, that should tell you how much you might need. Always allow for extra in cases of miscalculation in cutting or damages and repair later on. While measuring the roof, also allow for other gutter pieces, such as elbows, drop outlets and corners. Mounting brackets that hold up the gutter should be placed every 20-30 inches to keep it sturdy.

How to Put up Rain Gutters – Where to Start
When installing your new gutters, begin at one end of the roof and mark a half-inch down from the roof, and move to where the downspout will be located. Measure in this place also one half inch from the roof and use a chalk string to connect the two measurements. Check that they are level with each other and make changes if needed.

How to Put up Rain Gutters – Proper Angle
Decide which downward angle the gutter should be placed to allow for easy flow of water. Measure the distance needed for the angle from the first mark that was made and chalk that line as well. Install brackets and other pieces of the gutter to your measurements with a power drill for easier installation. Continuing to move down the roof, attach the gutter to mounting brackets and gutter joints and trim gutter sections for an easier fit when needed. Use a silicone caulk between gutter sections to prevent leaking through the individual pieces. Install an elbow to the gutter that you want to attach a drop outlet to and piece together. Use a mounting bracket to secure the drop outlet securely to the side of the house.

How to Put up Rain Gutters Water Flow
If you are having a hard time deciding where to have the excess water flow, try having it empty onto a driveway. Most often, driveways are already sloped to prevent a buildup of water around the foundation. Also be sure to use rust resistant screws, since it can make repairs easier in the future.

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