How to Make a Wooden Pipe – Classic Wood Pipe Making

How to Make a Pipe Like this Classic Wooden PipeHow to Make a Wooden Pipe – History of the Pipe

Pipe smoking goes back to ancient times, but the first documented evidence for it was during the Dark Ages when the Irish people invented the “dudeen,” which is a short clay pipe. Smoking a pipe has the lowest risk of health problems out of all forms of tobacco products (although we do not encourage anyone to start smoking). Perhaps you would like to make your own old-fashioned tobacco pipe. This pipe making article explains how to make a wooden pipe.

How to Make a Wooden Pipe – Let’s Get Started

First, you will need a seasoned limb from a cherry tree, the diameter of which should be the size of your pipe bowl. Cherry is the best type of wood to use for a pipe, but hard maple or plum will also work. Make sure that whatever type of wood you choose has been seasoned for at least two or three months.

Cut a section from a cherry tree limb that is about six inches long. Mark it to the length of the pipe bowl you want plus 1/2 inch to allow for the pipe stem. To mark it with the bark on, simply cut two lines about 1/8 of an inch apart around the entire circumference of the limb and then remove that small strip of bark. Do not saw the bowl from this piece yet, you will need to clamp it so you can drill out the center of the bowl first.

How to Make a Wooden Pipe – Working the Bowl

Begin the hole for the bowl with the tip of an ice pick or a knife, being careful to keep it centered. Then select a small diameter bit to drill a pilot hole with. Wrap a small piece of tape around the bit for a depth gauge after measuring against the side how deep you want your bowl to be. Remember not to drill into the 1/2 inch pipe stem portion at the bottom.

Now clamp the section below the bowl into a vice, or use a C-clamp to fasten it to a solid object. Drill the hole as straight as possible, stopping at the tape on the bit. Then use progressively larger bits that are taped at the right depth to enlarge the hole to your satisfaction.

Next, you will need to drill the hole for the pipe stem. After the bowl has been drilled, measure the depth on the outside at the spot where you want the stem. Mark it about 1/4 inch higher than the bottom of the bowl. Start the hole there with an ice pick or the tip of a knife. Then select a small pilot bit. Clamp the section below the bowl and drill it at a 90 degree angle, being careful to stop at the depth of the bowl side. Now enlarge the hole to 5/16 or 3/8 of an inch.

The next step is to saw the bowl carefully out of the section of wood, making sure to leave enough wood below the stem hole for strength. Simply shape it to the type of bowl you would like.

How to Make a Homemade Pipe – Pipe Stem

To make a pipe stem, you can use a section of elderberry branch. Since elderberry has a pith that can be easily removed with a wire, it is perfect for a pipe stem. Just choose a branch of the proper length and diameter. Catalpa and Ash are also woods that have a pith and will make good pipe stems.

Simply insert the pipe stem into the stem hole and your old-fashioned tobacco pipe is ready to go. To add to the smoking experience, you can put on your favorite smoking jacket and slippers and relax with a good book or maybe even contemplate a difficult physics problem.

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