Hot Water Tank Leaking – Leaking Pipes, Gas & Electric

Hot Water Tank LeakingHot Water Tank Leaking –

Condensation dripping down the side of the tank and pooling on the floor can appear to be a hot water tank leaking. Cold water entering the tank can cause this, especially in humid areas. Verify this is the problem by turning off the power/gas to the heater for a few hours and see if there is still pooling water or water on the side of the tank.

Sometimes the leak originates from the temperature pressure relief valve (tpv) located at the top of the heater. It is a horizontal lever like valve located at the water outlet joint. If it is leaking, try tightening it down snug. Be careful not to over-tighten. Verify operation of this valve by lifting the lever and checking for water discharging out the vent pipe that is connected to the tpv and goes down the side of the tank.

Is the hot water tank leaking from the seams of the tank and/or there s a lot corrosion? Unfortunately, in this case, replacement is the only option. There is really no way to fix this.

HEATER WATER PIPES LEAK-With an adjustable wrench on hex fittings or a pipe wrench, try tightening the pipe fitting at the leak point. Don’t use too much pressure; just snug the fitting.

If tightening doesn’t work, turn off the electrical power, gas to the heater and turn off the water. Then, replace the pipe fitting.

Is the hot water tank leaking around an element? The problem is probably a faulty element gasket. Turn off the water and the power/gas and try tightening the thermostat bracket over the element. If tightening doesn’t work, you will have to replace the gasket. Be sure to turn off the water and power before you loosen the bracket/element to reach the gasket.

A hot water tank leaking can be fixed as long as corrosion is not causing the problem.

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