Gas Water Heater Won’t Heat

Hot Water HeaterGas Water Heater Won’t Heat

Gas water heaters are wonderfully simple and efficient. They very seldom need repairs, but they do need some maintenance to keep them producing all that hot water that you have taken for granted for many years. In this 4-part article, you will find a list of maintenance tasks that you can do, plus a couple of repair techniques in the event the gas water heater develops problems.

Gas Water Heater Won’t Heat – No Heat

THE WATER WON’T HEAT- First check the gas line and make sure that the pilot light is burning. If the pilot light is not burning, relight it according to the directions on a metal tag usually fastened to the front of the heater tank. No tag? Then follow these relighting instructions:

1) Turn the gas lever or handle to the setting marked “Pilot.” It will be marked on the control.

2) Press down on the reset button, also on the control panel. It should be marked, or it will have a red-colored cap. Hold this button down.

3) Reach into the opening and hold the match to the thermocouple pilot. You may need to keep the pilot light button depressed for up to a minute until the thermocouple warms and keeps the pilot lit.

Be careful with the match so as not to burn your fingers. If the pilot will not light or stay lit you may need to replace the thermocouple.
Gas Water Heater Won’t Heat

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