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Since the 1970s cremations have increased as has the practice of scattering a deceasedís ashes. Ashes are usually scattered in a place that has association with the deceased; a place that that person loved to spend time atóa river, country trail, or mountain top. Some ashes are even scattered in slightly less conventional spots such as sports stadiums. If the deceased was an ardent fan of a particular sports team then their ashes could end up floating over that teamís pitch. Such is the increase in this type of request, that in the UK some football clubs have opened us special remembrance gardens in order to preserve their pitches!

In the UK there is no law to prevent people from scattering their loved oneís ashes anywhere they wish. But people should be sensible about it and not scatter ashes on othersí property without first obtaining consent. There could also be environmental concerns to take into account: the River Soar in Leicestershire, England, has seen so many scatterings of ashesóparticularly popular among Hindu and Sikh mournersóthat some claim if it continues the river will become unusable.

So as cremations increase, personal ceremonies are becoming a little more off-beat. Keith Richardsí dad probably didnít request that his son snort his ashes, but others may make slightly unconventional requests when it comes to being immortalized through their ashes.

Capitalizing on such requests is an increasing number of commercial organizations. One company can arrange aerial scatterings where mourners are flown over mountain ranges and the deceasedís ashes dispersed into a wide open space. This can provide a physical mourning place and at least mourners know that it will be done expertly with no sudden change of wind taking their loved oneís ashes in the opposite direction to where they were intended to land. Music can also be played at the time of scattering, and a professional photograph taken of the particular spot where the ashes were scatted. This is perhaps ideal if the deceased was an adventurous type and used to trek in places others would find difficult to reach; or if the deceased had a love of a particular spot that would make scattering the ashes a task too dangerous if done without the use of aircraft.

Another professional company can arrange for a belovedís ashes to be incorporated into a firework and scattered during a spectacular display. This is very reminiscent of the journalist Hunter S Thompson, whose ashes were placed in fireworks and launched from a 150ft tower in Colorado.

Some people have difficulty with scattering the ashes of their beloved, though. They perhaps feel that itís the very last tangible part of them that they have and so are understandably reluctant to just toss it away into the air. Thatís why itís important for anyone wishing to have their remains scattered to discuss it with loved ones, especially the person who is charged with carrying out the scattering. It also pays to think carefully about where ashes are to be scattered, particularly in respect of loved ones being able to pay their future respects. A quiet spot someone used to retreat to when the world got too stressful might seem the perfect place, but is there a guarantee that it wonít in years to come be developed into an apartment block? Even if ashes are scattered in the deceasedís favorite corner in their back yard, what about if the rest of the family decides to move at some stage in the future?

Ashes can always be interred or scattered in the cemetery where the deceasedís cremation took place. This ensures that the deceasedís family and friends always have a place where they can remember. Some cemeteries permit the planting of a tree or shrub that can act as a memorial, a touching tribute to someone who was a keen gardener, say, or who loved a particular species of rose. Some might also take comfort in the knowledge that the cemetery will be preserved and maintained and as such will always provide a place where they can pay their respects.

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