Drafty Door | Fix a Drafty Door ASAP!

Drafty DoorDrafty Door

Having a draft through the doors and windows can be annoying and uncomfortable, but it can also be bad news for the energy bill, since most of the heat and cooling can escape through gaps in the door. Doors have a harder time remaining weatherproofed, since they are used very frequently. In order to stop a draft from getting in around or underneath in a door, the gap needs to be sealed while still allowing the door to be used.

There are a few solutions that can assist in weather proofing a drafty door. The most effective solutions contain vinyl or padding that can be installed on a doorstop. They are often attached to the door and the vinyl and padding seals air from getting in and out, but still allows for the door to be easily used.

Drafty Door – Brass Strips

Another effective type of weatherproofing is by using bronze or brass strips. When the door is closed, these strips bend and create a tight fit. They can be a little tricky to install, but they last a long time and tend to resist wear and tear. Foam is not generally a good solution in keeping out a draft because it often causes problems with the opening and closing of a door. It is also not durable enough for constant use, and replacement is often necessary.

Drafty Door – Threshold

While you can weather strip the door, be sure to check the threshold. Fixing a draft through the threshold can be tricky or even complicated, so an easy solution is to install a door sweep. These can be adjusted and cover enough of the threshold to prevent a draft. Shopping for storm door can help with drafts, as well as insulation for the home. The frames of the storm doors and windows can be screwed to the casings, and then sealed with caulk. Most of these storm doors also have a door bottoms that are adjustable, so they can fit tightly with the door threshold.

Fixing drafts in doors and windows can make a living environment more comfortable, as well as saving energy and money. All homeowners should complete such an easy fix, whether you live in hot or cold climates.

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