Discus Fish Secrets- Top 5 Tips on Discus Fish

Discus Fish

What Secrets are These 2 Discus Hiding?

5. 50% Water Change Weekly
Discus have weak immune systems which makes raising them, at times, quite trying. Discus need cleaner water than many common fish can handle, so you generally need to do more water changes than a normal tank for discus to thrive. There are breeders that change 50% of the water daily! 50% weekly will suffice.

4. Discus Need Lots of Oxygen
Keep an outside filter and an inside sponge filter for extra aeration.The underwater gravel filter alone will not be enough.

3. Keep Nitrate Reading below 10
Not the 20-30 that most freshwater fish are fine with. Again, Discus are very sensitive to nitrate readings so keep them low.

2. Blackwater Extract is Not Necessary
Blackwater extract is used to recreate the murky, slightly acidic water found in the Amazon, where these fish originate from. It’s get expensive to use as you would need to add some at every water change to maintain balance. Try a peat filtration system, add a little driftwood. This will have the same effect as blackwater extract but won’t cost you a fortune.

1. Substrate- Eco Complete > Sand > Gravel
Eco Complete is best for planted aquariums. Bare bottomed or a a thin layer of sand is perfect for non-planted aquariums. Gravel is tough because there are too many places for uneaten food and waste to get trapped and rot. Stir up sand occasionally to keep anaerobic conditions from forming.

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