Difficult Carpet Stain Removal

Newer technology has changed the way carpet stains are treated. According to a fellow from Bend Carpet Cleaning, some of the newer products used to treat carpet stains include BlueMagic 900, Folex & OxyDry spot remover. These treat stains with enzymes that break down the stain on the molecular level.

A few simple steps and your carpet stain will be resolved.

Steps to complete stain removal:
These spot cleaners are most effective when used immediately after a spill has occurred. If needed, first remove any solid excess that may have accompanied the spill.

Apply a dry, absorbent white cloth to the affected area with a blotting motion. Terry cloth works the best and the cloth should always be white so as not to transfer colored dye to your carpet.
Do not scrub! This may spread the stain. Gently blot away as much of the stain or spotted area as possible.

Apply stain remover to a dampened cloth. Starting on the outside edge of the stain, lightly rub the cloth in a circular motion. Don’t brush! Excessive brushing of the carpet fibers cause them to loosen, resulting in unwanted fuzziness.

You will notice the soil has transferred itself onto the cloth. Continue to work toward the center in a spiral fashion until the cloth has completely removed all remnants of the stain.

Rinse the affected area with water. Blot with a dry towel, removing as much moisture as you can.
It is highly recommended that you own a nap raiser (also referred to as a brush nap or bunka brush). It is available for purchase at most hardware stores. This metal brush contains long wire threads that when used, returns the carpet threads to their natural, upright position.

If excessive moisture remains even after blot drying and using the nap raiser, then place several more white cloths onto the damp area and lay a heavy stack of books on top. Within several hours, the rest of the moisture should be fully absorbed.

Check to see that the stain is removed. If not, then repeat once more.

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