Electric Water Heater Problems | 5 Most Common Water Heater Problems

Electric Hot Water Heater ProblemsElectric Water Heater Problems

There are several possibilities to consider when dealing with electric water heater problems. Hot water heaters are 240 volts, so turn circuit breaker and doublcheck with multimeter before messing with it, Here’s 5 common problems along with their solutions:

1) No hot water
It can take up to 24 hours for a newly turned or rest electric water heater to reach proper temperature.
– Fuse has tripped- Push red reset button and then allow 24 hours before verifying temperature.
– Burned out element(s). Check elements with multimeter or simply replace your hot water heater elements. It’s a fairly straightforwward process.

2) Leaky tank
– If leaking at seams replace heater.
– If leaking at pressure relief valve then replace it.
– If leaking at heating elements, the replace gasket.

3) Noisy Water Heater – Drain tank to flush out sediment. Check heating elements for scale buildup.

4) Dirty Water – Drain tank to flush out sediment.

5) Water is too hot or too cold – Check temperature settings. If ok, check or simply replace the thermostat and/or high-limit cutoff.

Hopefully, electric water heater problems are resolved afterapplying these tips!


Electric Water Heater Problems – Replacing the element

It’s not a difficult job. The link to the instructions is posted below under related posts.

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