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Installation with Seams

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Installation with Seams:
If both dimensions of the room are greater than IT, seams are needed. In the floor plan in Fig. B, the location of the seams is determined as follows:

  1. Start at one end of the room with one length of 12' -wide sheet vinyl, laid in a direction that will give you maximum use of the second 12' -wide sheet. In our example, you would lay the first piece of flooring along the 13' wall, leaving a 10' section for the second piece. If you laid the first piece horizontally along the 22' wall, you would leave only 1' for the second piece, resulting in a great deal of wasted material.
  2. Add 6" for trimming to the first piece. In our example, that would give you a piece 13' 6" long.
  3. To determine the length of the second piece, take the length of the space and add enough material for a pattern match. On second piece and succeeding lengths, do not add the 6" for trimming; add only the pattern match. Manufacturers' catalogs and product brochures give the repeat for each pattern. Or you can measure the repeat yourself by selecting a reference point on the pattern and measuring across to its repeat. Measure the actual repeat and not a similar part of the pattern. If our pattern match is 8", our second piece of flooring would be 20' 8 ". Thus, you need to trim only 2' off the second 12' piece to ft into the 10' width.
  4. To determine total square yards needed, first determine total square yard adding the lengths of each 12' piece. In our example, that would be:
    13' 6"+ 20'8" = 34' 2"
  5. Now multiply length by width just as you did in the seamless installation.
    34' 2" x 12' = 408' 24" or 410'
  6. To find the number of square feet needed, divide by 9, just as you did in the seamless installation.
    410/9 = 45.6 sq. yd.
  7. To determine cost, simply multiply 45.6 by the cost per square yard. If the cost is $5.99 a square yard, you would have:
    45.6 x $5.99 = $273
Tile- Installation with Seams

Some dealers will cut the material to rough measurement according to your drawing. If the dealer doesn't offer this service, you will have to transfer your measurements to the sheet vinyl and cut it 3" larger. Do the cutting with a sharp utility knife or heavy-duty shears.

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