5 Great Android Games

Let me make this quick and painless. Perhaps some of these titles are familiar to you. Of course, there are many more but I will keep it in a short list of five for your benefit. The order holds no clear favoritism. Read more…

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How to Make a Wooden Pipe – Classic Wood Pipe Making

How to Make a Pipe Like this Classic Wooden PipeHow to Make a Wooden Pipe – History of the Pipe

Pipe smoking goes back to ancient times, but the first documented evidence for it was during the Dark Ages when the Irish people invented the “dudeen,” which is a short clay pipe. Smoking a pipe has the lowest risk of health problems out of all forms of tobacco products (although we do not encourage anyone to start smoking). Perhaps you would like to make your own old-fashioned tobacco pipe. This pipe making article explains how to make a wooden pipe.

How to Make a Wooden Pipe – Let’s Get Started

First, you will need a seasoned limb from a cherry tree, the diameter of which should be the size of your pipe bowl. Cherry is the best type of wood to use for a pipe, but hard maple or plum will also work. Make sure that whatever type of wood you choose has been seasoned for at least two or three months. Read more…

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Ancient Rome Facts: Trivia on Early Rome & the Roman Empire

Ancient Rome Facts

981 more facts here

Spanning more than seven hundred years, the ancient Roman Empire was one of the largest empires the world has ever known. Although this empire fell more than 1,500 years ago, people, today, are still fascinated by the people and culture of ancient Rome. The following are offerings that relate ancient Rome facts and trivia about one of the grandest empires of the past: Read more…

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Model Train Tips | Top 8 Train Tips

Model Train Tips

Model trains are great. Here is a list of model train tips:

1) Too many different couplers that don’t match up?
Kadee is definitely the most popular model train coupler company. They offer couplers in many sizes, heights, vertically offset and different mounting systems. Read more…

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Outdoor Body Painting

An artist paints a 3D body painting depicting a tiger's face on the backs of three models in Fuzhou, Fujian province, China, to increase awareness of protecting endangered animalsOutdoor Body Painting

Outdoor Body painting is a form of body art, considered by some as the most ancient form of art. Unlike tattoos and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, which lasts for only several hours, or at most (in the case of Mehndi or “henna tattoo”) several days. Read more…

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Top 10 Reasons the Red Sox Need to Continue Losing–From a Red Sox Fan

Losing 15-9 to the Yankees after being up 9 to nothing is the best thing that could happen to the Red Sox, and I hope this trend will continue. In a few years, I predict the following good things will happen:

10) The bullpen car is brought back. Wally the Green Monster is tragically run over by the bullpen car and is forced into retirement. Read more…

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Leather Water Bottle | Making a Leather Water Bottle

“I buy my hides and skins and I prepare them by my craft, and make them boots of varying kinds, ankle leathers, shoes, leather hose, bottles, bridle thongs, flasks and bougets, leather neck-pieces, spur leathers, halter bags and pouches, and nobody would wish to go through winter without my craft.”
– Archbishop Ælfric’s colloquy, 11th century

Leather Water Bottle

In this sunny land, we sometimes find ourselves seeking water in the summer months. Carrying water need not be a matter of hiding a plastic Evian bottle someplace out of sight. Water bottles (flackets) were made in period (see above), and here’s one easy way to make your own leather water bottle. Read more…

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Facts About Royalty

Facts About Royalty - Buckingham PalaceFacts About Royalty

The royals of old seem to have lived lives set apart from the masses they once ruled. Yet, their individual styles of governance and personal lives are still of great study and interest today. The following offerings relate facts and trivia about various royals throughout time.

Facts About Royalty – Hammurabi

Hammurabi was one of the world’s earliest kings; he ruled from Babylon, the capital of his kingdom and first came to power in 1792 BC.

Hammurabi is known chiefly for his infamous code, a written set of laws that contained roughly three hundred articles describing various crimes and their punishments. One law stipulated that a husband may divorce a woman, but he must also return her dowry. A divorced woman also retained custody of any children. Read more…

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How to Make Quicksand | Making Your Own Quicksand

How to Make Quicksand

The Truth About Quicksand!
Many people have held a strong curiosity about quicksand, seeing people on TV and in the movies being sucked down. Some people often wondered what it would be like to sink into it themselves, without dying. Some people have even fantasized their favorite gender being trapped in it, and watching/rescuing/joining them. There are even quicksand pix, stories, cartoons, videos, etc. available!

Many people have even been bold enough to dare try sinking into quicksand and/or other deep mud bogs themselves! Upon doing so, they discovered that it was not only safer than how Hollywood portrayed it, so long as they weren’t weighed down, but that it was also an extremely addictive experience! The notion of struggling while being sucked down by ground that looked solid and is now “threatening” to suffocate you is enough to get anyone’s heart pounding. Struggling and moving through a thick morass is wonderful exercise, and has an extremely intense stimulating effect on the human body.This page is dedicated to those who are interested in or curious about this Wet-And-Messy (WAM) pastime.

Basically, quicksand is saturated sand whose sand grains are so loose that they can slide past each other when pressure/agitation is applied. So, in order to make quicksand, you need to have sand that is loose and saturated.

How to Make Quicksand

Here are several methods to try: Read more…

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7 Ways to Reach First Base in Baseball… + 6 More!!!

7 Ways to Reach First Base13 Ways to Reach First Base

Here is a great trivia question that will mystify your baseball fan friends. You might learn something in the process! There are thirteen different scored plays that result in a batter reaching first base or beyond safely. The plays are shown below, along with their official scoring decision in parenthesis. Use this information as a trivia question or to stump your friends. Read more…

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Civil War Medical Facts & Trivia – Cool Facts!

Civil War Medical Facts

Did you know that two-thirds of soldiers that died during the Civil War succumbed to disease? This and other interesting Civil War medical facts here (Most of these I found in the book listed above (and here):

Civil War Camp

– The basis of modern medicine was founded during the Civil War because new ideas were needed in order to treat thousands of wounded and dying soldiers.

– More than 620,000 people were dead at the end of the Civil War. If new medical procedures and medicines hadn’t been invented during the War, the death rate would have been double. Read more…

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History of Reggae Music

History of Reggae Music

When you think of Reggae music, the first name that comes to mind is Bob Marley. Even though we first met Bob Marley in the 70s, the name still lingers to this day, because he was the man who turned Jamaican Reggae music into an international phenomenon, and with the help of a few others along the way established reggae as a worldwide genre of music.

Reggae was an evolution of what had been happening in Jamaican music, and was the next evolutionary step up from the other types of Jamaican music that had been enjoyed before it. These styles were Ska, and rock steady. From the classic, This Is Reggae Music: The Story of Jamaica’s Music, I present you with a very brief outline of Reggae Music:

Read more…

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