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**NEW REVIEW** Salehoo

Before I signed up for Salehoo I wanted to know what other people thought of it, so I asked around/ searched around (One of the worst decisions of my life). I received a mixed reaction. Some told me not to use it and some said it is the best thing in the world. However I realized people had just given me their opinions and nothing more. I did not receive any hard evidence to why it was bad or to why it was the best thing in the world? 

I soon found out that almost all the people who said it was bad or said it was good could not say why because Salehoo was the only thing they had ever tried! So they had no idea if it is bad or if it is good compared to other sources.

I have personally tried numerous sources and thought it was time not to put off Salehoo any longer and go ahead and try them out (Best decision of my life). I make A LOT of money by using other sources that I have reviewed on my site (such as Doba, Dropship Design, World Wide Brands).

The sources Salehoo provided me I am now making double of what I was making before. Anyways aside from that point :) , Salehoo is a website directory of wholesale suppliers and distributors. The categories listed on Salehoo have a retail price as well as the member price listed on it. The idea is as a Salehoo member you can buy these products at very good wholesale discounts and resell them online on eBay or similar online auction sites or retail stores and pocket the difference.

Now when I was “searching around” to see if I should use Salehoo the negative reaction was all about Salehoo offering you something that you can already get for free.  To some degree, this is true.  Salehoo does not offer the one-stop shopping process that Doba offers.  It simply finds wholesalers, dropshippers and liquidators and directs them to their website.  I tried finding my own dropshippers using google, and after about an hours worth of work, I found about a dozen websites.  But now what?  I have 12 websites, which I know nothing about.  Further, to find and compare product prices, I need to hunt through each of these websites and hopefully find what I am looking for.  And if I do find the products at the right price, then what do I do?  Salehoo solves all of these problems in a very simple manner, and to add to that point Salehoo unlike others actually buys and tests out the products of new suppliers they introduce. This is absolutely necessary when you consider buying from some of the high-risk, overseas suppliers.   Their database currently has over 1000 suppliers and is updated nearly on a daily basis, literally it is updated on a daily basis.

The concept of Salehoo therefore is simple – get the best deals for yourself and sell them at good price so everybody benefits by this value for money proposition. The products listed on the website is quite impressive – the latest consumer electronics, designer jeans, jewelry, fashion handbags, computers, laptops, digital cameras LCD & Plasma TVs, DVDs and fashion accessories – the list is almost infinite. More impressive perhaps is the special price mentioned that is ridiculously cheap. They also offer a direct shipping to customers door.

Another thing worth mentioning is I love and hate Salehoo’s customer service. You may be wondering what the heck am I talking about how can one love and hate something? Well I tell you how. When I was deciding whether to join Salehoo or not I called Salehoo trying to get information, I kid you not I actually memorized the song they put for you while they put you on hold!!! However after I signed up, I have never been put on hold since or if I have it’s just for a mere 5-6 seconds.

Now many people ask World Wide Brands (reviewed below and Salehoo which one? Well technically they both provide the same things; however I have found that Salehoo offers a better value because for one it is cheaper and I find that they provide you with better sources compared to World Wide Brands.

The current price is $67 against the usual price of $99.95. It is a limited offer. They also offer a full refund in 60 days if you are not satisfied. That’s right if you are not satisfied you can get your money back!

As I always say what do you have to lose? Its time for you to gain:



Doba offers access to the largest quantity of wholesale products, this is a fact. How many you may ask? Well over 250 000 products. The great thing about Doba is that they are constantly adding more products to help ensure that their members have access to the best prices, and the latest items.

One of the most significant aspects of Doba is that it offers a free trial. They give you 7 days to see what you would be getting when you actually do pay. The 7 day trial is phenomenal because you can actually see what sources and prices you will be receiving. If Doba can offer something like this, you can bet that they know what they are doing, and know that their customers are going to be successful by using their services. I also liked how they offer a satisfaction guarantee:  

Doba Guarantee

While we were conducting this review we really liked how Doba’s site was very user friendly, everything just seemed to fit in and work. If we wanted to do something all that was required was to click on a button. A monkey could figure it out. For the most part, things just seemed to be where you would expect them to be and work how they should.

Other Important things to know about Doba is that Doba is an eBay® Certified Service Provider. This certification is eBay's validation of businesses helping online buyers and sellers achieve their objectives. Doba is also an eBay Certified Developer and their Push to eBay Wizard is an eBay certified application, interfacing directly with eBay’s platform. Which is great because you don’t have to go over to EBay to do anything now, everything is done on Doba’s website. Now you see what we mean by the usability of the website it’s amazing!

From the minute we started using Doba’s seven day free trial, we were blown away at the choices we had. Doba features over 250 000 items all available to you. We were set up within ½ an hour, chose the product that would make us a profit on eBay. Set up the auction on a 1 day listing. The next day we had made a hefty profit over $132.34. This is just off of one sale!

We highly encourage you to try out Doba’s seven day free trial. After all what do you have to lose?


Worldwide Brands

WorldWide Brands is not really a wholesaler or a drop shipper. Now you may be wondering why it is (the best Wholesale/ Drop Shipper review website on the web). Well because we found that even though WorldWide Brands is not “technically” a wholesaler or a drop shipper it does provide something valuable. WorldWide Brands is a provider of information. It provides an extensive directory of wholesale suppliers who will drop ship. They also provide very informative e-books, and articles.

Worldwide Brands doesn’t offer a free trial for their directory; however, you can browse a version of the directory that will give you a good idea of the types of suppliers in it without actually giving you the suppliers’ names or contact info.

They charge for each of their services individually, or you can buy them all as a package for a discounted price. The fees for all their services are as follows:

  • Drop Ship Source Directory - $69.95 one time fee
  • Light Bulk Wholesale Directory – $69.95 one time fee
  • General Wholesale Directory – Only available in premium package
  • Market Research Wizard (free trial is available for this service) - $97.00 one time fee
  • Premium Package (includes everything above) - $197.00 one time fee

WorldWide Brands is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and it is also an eBay® Certified Service Provider.

The most important aspect of WorldWide Brands is its Customer Service. They were extremely friendly and we usually received our email inquiries within the hour. I don’t know about you but for my ISP it usually takes 2 business days. They also provide excellent phone support for those who aren’t internet savvy or if you would just prefer to talk rather than type. We have tried both methods and can truly say its impressive. If you are looking for a directory with hundreds of legitimate Drop Shippers. We highly recommend WorldWide Brands.

DropShip Business, while we were conducting their review we found that they really take care of you. Such as they offer a plan in which they will MAKE YOU A WEBSITE. Now if you are not good at web designing, coding, or just lazy. Than DropShip-Business is for you. I know for a fact that making a website requires time, money and a lot of effort. Dropship-Business will not only make you a website but already populate it thousands of products ready for you to sell! If that does not blow you away they will also maintain your website for you, which means that they will automatically add new items to your website as they sign new deals with new wholesale suppliers OR whenever an existing wholesale supplier adds new items to their inventory. They will also remove items that are no longer available. All you have to do is sell it, With DropShip-Business we were set up within ½ an hour and since we had a website made for us with thousands of products we made $642 in two days. That is the advantage of having a whole website with thousands of products.


With this:

  1. Customers have a choice

  2. Customers have a variety of choices.

  3. Customers can buy right there and then (not waiting for the auction to finish)

  4. Convenience for the customer

  5. High return rate because everything is in one place


Another thing we loved about DropShip Business is that they do everything for you! When it comes to order processing, their business solution is unbeatable. This means that each time someone orders an item from your website, DropShip-Business will handle the order for you. They will make sure that the payment is processed carefully and they will also take care of drop shipping the order for you, directly to your customer. You and your customer will both receive an automated notification from your website as soon as the UPS tracking code is available. They provide you with all the information that you need in order to run your very own home based dropship business.


However If you are not interested in getting your own website, they can also provide you access to all their wholesale products via a membership to their "Dropship Auction Plan" website. This website offers you an extra feature which is called the "eBay ad wizard" feature. With a click of a button, you will be able to create the HTML code needed for you auction listing. The code already includes the links to the product images (small and large) so you do not need to worry about uploading any images to ebay or any other auction website.


You can also opt for getting the combination of both packages by buying the COMBO package. You get the best of both worlds! You will get the "Dropship Website Plan" which comes with your very own dropship website PLUS the "Dropship Auction Plan" feature by purchasing our COMBO package. They will simply activate the "eBay ad wizard" feature directly into your website so you can access the ebay ad wizard directly from your website.


They functionality and navigation of the website is simply simple. It is thoroughly easy to use and extremely user friendly.


I encourage you to use DropShip-Business if you are looking to make money easily online. I also encourage you to buy their combo plan which will give you the COMBO plan. I think if you are going to spend money might as well get everything you need to start. With the combo plan they will make the website for you already populated with thousands of products ready to sell, and will also enable you to sell on eBay. 
 While reviewing this one, I had so many headaches that I had to go to a doctor for a check up. Seriously. If you watch a lot of television or infomercials you must have heard of . They do a lot of advertising and have a very good sales pitch. However when it comes to their service they have several weaknesses. 

If you sign up for OnlineSupplier, you should not be surprised by the frequent phone calls, and some high pressure sales. It seems that whenever I was talking with them they are always trying to sell me something other than their drop ship service I was signing up for.

OnlineSupplier has made its way into our review not because of its quality, spectacular service, or great products, but because we wanted to warn you about this drop shipper.

Online Supplier features around 30 000 products. Now this may seem a lot but let me tell you they’re prices are not very competitive. OnlineSupplier gets most of its products from Ingram Micro. Although Ingram Micro is one of the largest wholesale distributors the prices it offers OnlineSupplier and ultimately you are almost retail.

To start off I started selling the Altec Lansing Audio System for iPod this I bought for $179.99 and sold for 99.99. Trust me THIS IS THE BEST THING I COULD FIND!

I actually lost 79$ by using OnlineSupplier.

OnlineSupplier offers a 14 day trial but they charge you 4.85$ for every package they ship out. After the trial is up, it costs $29.95 per month but be prepared to get a lot of calls to make you pay more.

Customer service and support wise they are not bad. If I had a problem it did not take me long to get a hold of them. They were also extremely helpful in answering any questions that I had. They even went further to show me the website around and other features I could use to my advantage.

Remember how I said that I had to go to a doctor for a check up because of the amount of head aches I got from OnlineSupplier, well here is why. The functionality of the site is terrible. 1st of all I was frustrated that once you click in to the web store builder (included with the membership), there’s no navigation back to the products portion of the site. You either have to click your browser’s back button several times or go back to the home page and log in again.

Another thing which I absolutely hated was when signing up for OnlineSupplier they try to get you to sign up for a lot of useless special program which essentially no one needs. It really gets quite annoying. Although all of these “special” programs are free they do charge you after the “trial” is over.

If you think that is bad, after you sign up they call you several times to try to upgrade or up sell you to something else. Basically they just want your money.

OnlineSupplier does not accept PayPal and has been in business since 2002. I encourage you NOT to sign up for this drop shipper. The other Drop Shippers that I have reviewed are A LOT better.



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