Best Way To Unclog A Toilet – Clogged Toilet Remedy

Clogged up toilet? You won't need this guy!Best Way To Unclog A Toilet

For many homeowners, one of the most distasteful, yet necessary tasks you may need to perform is to unclog a toilet. Face it; we all know that at one time or another, something happens to clog that most necessary item in any house. The kids have stuffed their washrag down it, too many tissues or even an entire roll of toilet paper has found its way inside the drain, but not out the other end. Rust and buildup in old pipes is often the main cause of slow or a clogged toilet drain, and if you don’t clear it out, you’ll find a big mess on your hands the next time you flush.

Best Way To Unclog A Toilet – Remedy

To avoid the potential disaster, try a few simple remedies to start. One tip to unclog a toilet includes a special recipe that may help to clear up the matter before it causes trouble.

Best Way To Unclog A Toilet – 90% success rate

Homemade Unclog Recipe: Wait till the water level in the bowl is fairly low then measure 5 tablespoons of common dish soap into the clogged toilet bowl. Let it sit for a few minutes and then add a pot full of boiling/hot water, then try using the plunger. This usually works after 1-2 plunges.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to rely on other methods to get rid of that clog. Be advised that there are several things that you should never use on your toilet:

Never pour chemical drain cleaners into your toilet bowl. Don’t use a coat hanger to try to unclog the drain. Don’t use a hand auger, more commonly known as a snake, on your toilet, as you may shatter the porcelain.

Best Way To Unclog A Toilet – Auger
Do use what is known as a toilet auger to unclog a toilet. Its natural design is made specifically for toilets and won’t cause irreparable damage or breakage. A closed auger is extremely simple to use and consists of inserting the padded end into the toilet drain. Then, turn the crank handle. You may feel some pressure as the tip of the closed auger comes into contact with whatever is clogging the toilet. As you turn the crank, slowly pull the auger from the drain and you may be able to pull the object out that way. I had no luck with one but you might.

Personally, I’d go;  plunger>>>>then boiling water method>>>>then chemicals>>>>then Roto-Rooter>>>>still no? then a new house, he he!!!

Best Way to Unclog a Toilet – This WILL Work

Liquid Lightning will dissolve almost anything that’s stuck in your toilet. 99% of the time, Liquid Lightning is the best way to unclog a toilet that won’t budge with the boiling water method. This concentrated sulfuric acid will dissolve plastic army men, women’s hygiene products, 75 year old caked on doody and any alien life forms that have made your toilet bowl their new home. Read more about Liquid Lightning here.

Best Way to Unclog a Toilet – Absolute Last Resort

If that doesn’t work to unclog your toilet, you have one option left: removing the toilet and checking the drain to try to remove whatever’s clogging it. If you feel uncomfortable about removing the toilet bowl, call a plumber. However, if you decide to check it yourself, make sure you run to the hardware store first to purchase a new “O” ring for your toilet, as you will need to properly re-seal the toilet when finished.

If you want the best way to unclog a toilet, try the soapy water as it has a 90% success rate.
best way to unclog a toilet, the best way to unclog a toilet

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