Bearded Dragon Life Span – Maximize Beardie’s Lifespan

A bearded dragon life’s span fits in a rather varied range of 8-14 years. 10 years might be the limit for breeding females as reproductive stresses can shorten their lifespan while non-breeding solo loving bearded dragons can live up to 15 and anything over would be a new record bearded dragon life span.

Bearded Dragon Life Span

– Ensuring Beardie Reaches the Upper End of his/her lifespan

Much like humans and every other critter on this big planet, genetics has as much to do with life spans as environmental factors. Although a beardie can’t change who his parents were or what’s contained in his/her genes, you can give your beardie the best possible shot of reaching it’s max life span by following a few tips:

  • Stress is the biggest killer of animals in captivity. Minimize it by being consistent with your feeding patterns, how you handle your beardie and by ensuring a nice, safe relatively quiet environment.
  • Bearded Dragon Life Span- Bet This Beardie Lives a Long Time!Change your UVB bulb yearly. Inadequate UVB radiation can cause beardie to become grumpy, moody and of course lead to other major problems.
  • Beardies generally like a hiding place in their home. Makes your beardie feel more secure which, of course will increase the bearded dragon life span. Cereal boxes cut in half or just a plain box with a hole in the side. If your beardie doesn’t take to it, try moving it to a new spot.
  • Make sure your baby beardie gets a nice dusting of calcium on it’s feeder bugs. Very important as bones are mostly made of calcium.
  • Consider dubia roaches as feeders in place of crickets. Much easier to raise and they love them. If one feeder bug is easier to raise and is better for the beardie, that can only be a win-win for both of you.

While trying to increase the life span of your bearded dragon might seem to be a bit of a shot dark, I am sure that if you follow these tips, you will go a long way towards ensuring a longer life for your bearded dragon.

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