Baby Bearded Dragon Setup | Proper Setup for a Baby Bearded Dragon

Baby Bearded Dragon Setup

What you need to house a hatchling to juvenile bearded dragon.B
aby bearded dragon setup:

– One 15-20 gallon aquarium. $10-$15

– One secure 15-20 gallon tank lid (screen or grill). $10

– One heat light fixture with a 50 to 75 wattage light. Can be bought at a hardware store. $5

– One fluorescent light fixture (can be small with one light socket or larger with two 18-24″). $8.00-$18.00

– One Uvb fluorescent light. Repti-sun 5.0 or Zoo-med Iguana 5.0 light are the best. $10

– If you have a double fixture a Uva plant light will work with the Uvb light or you can use two Uvb lights. (Uva light) $10.00

– Humidity Gauge (Not a necessity. Room humidity is fine) $10

Baby Bearded Dragon Setup

Baby Bearded Dragon Setup – Thermometers

– Two thermometers, one for each side of the tank. (I use T-rex) $25.00 or a thermometer from radio shack with a probe so it can be moved to each desired spot. $20.00-$25.00

– Paper Towel for substrate. $1.00-$2.00

– Shallow water dish. Cost more if you buy he rock shaped reptile ones. $1.00-$10.00

– Hide box. You can be inventive here. A plastic container upside down with a hole cut into it (make sure it is not see through) or buy a hide box from a pet store. $1.00-$20.00

– Basking rock or log. (I use drift wood, it is fairly inexpensive. Cost me $7.00 for the one in Argo’s cage.) $6.00-$30.00 -can also get driftwood from nearby lake or river and wash in a bleach solution 10% bleach 90% water.. (free)

– Plants. I prefer to use fake plants with my dragons. Easier to maintain and ensure the baby dragons do not eat too large a piece. There should be at least one on each side of the vivarium so that the dragon will have adequate hiding spaces. $5.00-$20.00

– Food dish. You will need a small dish for fruits and veggies and juvenile beardie food. You can use a plastic butter lid or buy a small bowl from pet store. $0.00-$5.00
baby bearded dragon setup

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