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Are There 5 Oceans or 6?

Got into a discussion with my sister about how many oceans there are in the world. I thought there were 6; Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Antarctic and the Mediterranean (sea, I know but figured it still counted. My sister insisted that the Mediterranean is not counted in the oceans list. Well, we looked it up and sure enough there are only 5 oceans in the world.  The Mediterranean is a sea and technically the Antarctic Ocean is now known as the Southern Ocean. gallbladder stones

So, that’s the end of that debate. It might never come up again, but at least I know the answer now.

Top 6 Gifts Under $50 for iPhone Owners

Aduro U-Grip Car Mount

Aduro U-Grip Car Mount

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s about time to started picking out gifts for the ones you love. Typically it is hard to buy people great gifts and find cheap gifts is even harder. To ease the stress on you and make the holidays a bit more enjoyable, I’ve compiled a list of accessories that any iPhone 5 owner is sure to enjoy. And to make things better, all of these gifts are less than $50. Read more…

Infant Colic- Top 6 Tips for Treating Infant Colic

Infant Colic

This baby is not happy!!

A baby suffering from infant colic can be quite a burden for any new mother. Suddenly, your dreams of playing endlessly with your newborn are shattered. You fear the moment when your baby will burst out in pain and agony again. And it happens – in the daytime, at night, at home and even when you’re out in public. Feelings of inadequacy overwhelm you while onlookers stare at you with disappointment. You don’t have to feel like a failure anymore. Read on to learn the top 6 tips every mother should know for treating infant colic. Read more…

Mike Wallace – A Journalism Giant

I greatly admired Mike Wallace. Not simply for his prowess and enormous skills as interviewer and reporter or for his decades of great contributions to “60 Minutes,” but for his personal integrity and tenacity. Here was a man unafraid to reinvent and better himself after some early setbacks; he gave up the easy cash of game shows and commercials to dedicate his career to, as he once put it, “real journalism — if they’d have me.” Wallace worked hard, and he more than made good.  Read more…

Discus Fish Secrets- Top 5 Tips on Discus Fish

Discus Fish

What Secrets are These 2 Discus Hiding?

5. 50% Water Change Weekly
Discus have weak immune systems which makes raising them, at times, quite trying. Discus need cleaner water than many common fish can handle, so you generally need to do more water changes than a normal tank for discus to thrive. There are breeders that change 50% of the water daily! 50% weekly will suffice.

4. Discus Need Lots of Oxygen
Keep an outside filter and an inside sponge filter for extra aeration.The underwater gravel filter alone will not be enough.

3. Keep Nitrate Reading below 10
Not the 20-30 that most freshwater fish are fine with. Again, Discus are very sensitive to nitrate readings so keep them low. Read more…

Sciatic Nerve Pain and Cures

Sciatica is a range of symptoms that cause pain in the area of your body through which the sciatic nerve courses. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. It originates at the base of the spinal column from five different spinal nerves. This is why you instantly feel the pain when the sciatic nerve is compressed or injured. Read more…

Difficult Carpet Stain Removal

Newer technology has changed the way carpet stains are treated. According to a fellow from Bend Carpet Cleaning, some of the newer products used to treat carpet stains include BlueMagic 900, Folex & OxyDry spot remover. These treat stains with enzymes that break down the stain on the molecular level.

A few simple steps and your carpet stain will be resolved. Read more…

Preventing Bed Bugs ~ Top 5 Tips on Bedbug Prevention

Preventing Bed Bugs

Bedbug bites. Yuck! Remember, prevention is best as they are hardy little bugs that are resistant to many chemicals

Bed bugs are on the rise throughout many areas of the world today.Rather than trying to eradicate bed bugs after the fact and instead focusing your efforts on prevention is is the best way to make sure they never gain a foothold in your home.

Small and notoriously hard to kill, these insects can infest quickly and often remain undetected until too late. The best defense is to avoid them altogether.

There are 5 simple ways to help keep bed bugs from infesting your home especially if there are bed bug outbreaks in your area. Read more…

Safe Teeth Whitening

Safe Teeth Whitening

A winsome smile of clean white teeth can be a person’s greatest asset, especially in our modern culture with its emphasis on interpersonal skills and “attractiveness”. But teeth whitening is not necessarily simply the result of using the best whitening toothpaste you can find. It is important to be aware of the factors which cause tooth staining, and to understand how to use safe teeth whitening techniques without using methods that can actually damage tooth enamel. Read more…

5 Great Android Games

Let me make this quick and painless. Perhaps some of these titles are familiar to you. Of course, there are many more but I will keep it in a short list of five for your benefit. The order holds no clear favoritism. Read more…

Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Right now there’s no known cure for it and there’s not even a simple diagnostic test for it. Feline infectious peritonitis, FIP for short, is a progressive viral disease that, unfortunately, is almost always fatal.

Oh, it starts out innocently enough. It’s caused by certain strains of the feline coronavirus, most of which don’t even cause disease or, if they do, may cause fairly mild intestinal or respiratory symptoms.

But sometimes, at some point, either the virus mutates or the cat’s immune system malfunctions and the disease develops into FIP. Read more…

How to Take Care of a Venus Flytrap

Venus flytraps are fun plants that are fascinating to watch. As one of the most accessible carnivorous plants, they are available in most garden stores and big-box home improvement stores.

However, it can be difficult to keep a Venus flytrap healthy and alive for long. The conditions inside the typical home simply aren’t remotely similar to the conditions in the rainforest that flytraps originally called home. The low humidity levels indoors make it necessary to grow Venus flytraps under domes to create the right conditions. Read more…

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