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Affordable Cruise DealsAffordable Cruise Deals

Is going on a cruise your idea of a dream vacation? Cruising can be a great deal of fun, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. While you might not find a bargain cruise the first time you check rates, it’s certainly possible to find a great price on a getaway at sea if you know the secrets of how to find affordable cruise deals.

Affordable Cruise Deals – Flexibility

Flexibility Saves Money The number one key to finding a great price on a cruise is to be flexible. Prices vary greatly for cruises based on length, point of departure, season, holidays, and other variables. If you insist on traveling at peak times, you’ll pay the highest rates. If you’re willing to take your vacation during less popular travel times, you’ll likely be able to find a bargain rate.

Affordable Cruise Deals – Cheap Times
The most expensive times to travel tend to be times that children are out of school. Summer vacation, spring break, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays tend to have the highest rates. If you can travel immediately before or just after these popular times, however, you can often save a significant sum of money on your tickets.

It’s also important to be flexible about which cruise you take. Some people are very concerned that they travel on a certain ship. If you’re willing to pay a premium, this is fine. However, if you’re looking for the most affordable rate possible, compare rates on different vessels. Often you’ll find that cruises that leave from the same ports differ greatly in pricing.

Affordable Cruise Deals – Act Fast
Be Ready to Act Many times the best cruise rates are last minute deals. If you can be flexible about when to take your vacation, being on the lookout for last minute rate specials might be your best option for saving money on a cruise. If you have to travel on a certain date, this strategy isn’t a good idea. However, if you’re just interested in getting away when you can find an affordable way to do so, there’s no better option.

Affordable Cruise Deals – Online
To find out about last minute travel deals, sign up to receive newsletters and promotional emails from the cruise lines that interest you and one or two of your favorite travel agencies. When departure time approaches and cruise lines have unsold inventory, they’ll also send out announcements of terrific bargains. These deals go quickly, so you have to be prepared to act quickly when a great deal comes your way.
Affordable Cruise Deals

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