5 Great Android Games

Let me make this quick and painless. Perhaps some of these titles are familiar to you. Of course, there are many more but I will keep it in a short list of five for your benefit. The order holds no clear favoritism.

1. Gravity Project

Addictive, fun and occasionally frustrating. The formula presented is similar to popular game “Temple Run”. Commands can be unresponsive at certain times; this has depended on some upgrades that has proven to be worse than its predecessors. Thankfully, the current upgrade (October 2012) has been responding well. The graphics are simply beautiful, sleek and neat. If you liked “Temple Run”, you will most likely kill a boring time with this futuristic entertainment.
2. Mutant Roadkill

It’s bloody awesome! A sick game with sweet graphics and smooth commands. While I don’t consider this one to be addictive on the long-term, it will undoubtedly keep you entertained if you find nothing else to do at the moment. It can be frustrating, considering the obvious detail that the more miles you accomplish, the more annoying obstacles you will encounter. Are you up for a challenge? Then see how far you can get without reviving your car.

3. Asphalt 6

“There can be only one.” From a personal viewpoint, this is the best racing game available. The commands improved over its predecessor, “Asphalt 5”. Now, instead of tilting the phone, your thumbs will be controlling the wheels. It’s much more comfortable and less frustrating. It can be repetitive with its maps, but variety is presented when it is combined with diverse missions. The graphics run smoothly, so there isn’t a lot of glitches present when in-game mode. For racing fans, this is one game you cannot miss. Try it and share your thoughts in the comment box.

4. Tetris

It’s not just because it’s a classic, but the reality is that it can be addictive even to people (like myself) who aren’t puzzle lovers. This should be on your top list; when there is no mood to play for complicated games, this simplistic yet awesome app will kill off your boredom temporarily. 80% GUARANTEED. Ha, ha.

5. Angry Birds Series

I know you’re not surprised. I recommend this series even to hardcore gamers because it will help them ease all the tension and bloody action they usually receive with their games; it’s fun, hilarious, and undeniably cute. Its difficulty increases over every step forward you make. Yes, it will be frustrating at times. Yes, it might bore you after a while. But it’s a good step on the go while you really don’t have much else to do. Try them all, and pick which one is your favorite theme or season. My personal favorite was “Rio”, runner-up being “Space”. Other Angry Birds games are: “Seasons” and “Angry Birds (original)”.
“Bad Piggies” is also a newly released game from Rovio. This time, instead of playing from the birds’ perspective, it’s the opposite. Title explains it all.
Well, newbie, this is the hub’s final destination. But the journey continues. There are lots of applications that you must try, but patience is a virtue. Congratulations on owning an Android phone, ’cause there are a lot of free goodies in this source. Happy gaming!

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