Bearded Dragon Facts – 10 Beardie Facts You Should Know!

Bearded Dragon Facts - Beardie at the BeachBearded dragons make great pets and that’s 1 of many bearded dragon facts you’ll find here. They are docile, not demanding or high-strung and they like human company. I have compiled a list of 10 common questions & answers mixed with bearded dragon facts from my experience and from talking with other owners and a vet as well.

Top 10 Bearded Dragon Facts

1) Are bearded dragons from the deep jungles? Nope, they are from “Down Under” or Australia to be exact. There, they live in a climate similar to Arizona’s- hot & dry with lots of rocks to climb on. That’s why they always need a heat lamp in one corner of their cage so as to properly emulate the beating down of the sun, which they love.

2) Why do bearded dragons sit with their mouths open? They are basking, like a dog panting. The sun (heat lamp) is warming them up nicely. If they get to hot, they’ll move. So, to see them with their mouths open, means it’s nice and toasty for them. No basking means you can’t they are properly warming up.

3) Why is my beardie sleeping all the time and not eating? Your beardie is probably brumating which is similar to hibernating, just not as extreme. Why they do it? Save energy when food is scarce (natures habits are hard to break). When? usually in winter, but anytime really. How long? a week, a month, it varies. I lean a box over mine in its cage with box tilted a little so he can see out. They like to feel snug when they’re brumating.Take your beardie out for a 15 minute soak once a week. You’ll know when they’re done with some activity.

Bearded Dragon Facts –  Substrate

4) What’s the best substrate (material for bottom of cage)? I like stacks of newspaper. It’s soft and easy to remove as it gets pooped on. I tried play sand. It’s messy, dusty and sticks to everything, though.

Just the Bearded Dragon Facts Please, Ma’am

5) What’s the minimum size tank for a bearded dragon? At least 55 gallon with height being less important than width or length. My beardie isn’t overly active so a 55 is good for me. Astroturf or carpeting might work but check that their claws don’t get stuck in the fibers.

Bearded Dragon Facts – Constipation

6) How can you get a bearded dragon to poop? Because beardies tend to be stingy about drinking water they can get a little constipated at times. Mine poops daily unless it’s brumating. Giving them a quick bath in the sink with warm water usually results in a poop in less than a minute. Also somewhat re hydrates them as well

7) Where is a good place to buy a bearded dragon? Craigslist always has ads running for bearded dragons. Some are babies and usually all come with a cage and all accessories for easily 75% off of what you’d pay at Petco. In other words, “take it all”. I don’t know why people lose interest in them so quickly. Petco and Petsmart also have beardies for sale. $50-$75 a piece.

Bearded Dragon Facts – Vitamins

8) What’s the most important supplement/vitamin to give a bearded dragon? Calcium with vitamin D. They won’t get enough with the limited diet we feed them so they really need calcium especially when they are young. Don’t supplement their water bowl with anything. If they don’t like the taste, they might never drink again from a bowl.

9) How much does it cost to own a bearded dragon? With Craigslist, your initial setup price with everything including the beardie would be around $100. New at Petco would be maybe $250 with the tank/aquarium as the major expense. Monthly food costs in the beginning (babies eat insects only) easily top $50. I use crickets and mealworms for the babies with mealworms being much easier to deal with and quieter as well. I haven’t had problems with mealworms causing problems for beardies because of their shells getting compacted in the digestive track, but it is something you might want to consider. Google it for more info. I buy my bugs from Fluker Farms.

Bearded Dragon Facts – Cons of Ownership

10) Any downsides to owning a bearded dragon? Well, they’re not incredibly active like a leopard gecko would be. Getting them to eat can be frustrating at times and the insect only requirements of babies requires some extra work as now you have to keep both insects and your beardie alive.

For more in depth info, I like the Bearded Dragon Secrets ebook for loads more bearded dragon facts and tips.
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